Here are the final 3 Wicked Polishes that I own, swatched for you today.
In very good luck, I was able to get the 3 other Wicked Polishes I don’t have in a recent restock on Harlow & Co, so I’ll eventually have swatches of ALL the polishes shy makes and feel very accomplished lol.
These 3 are the other colors from the Wicked Whimsy Collection, which I mentioned yesterday. The other color from the Wicked Whimsy Collection is Hung-Over the Rainbow, which you can see here.

  • Expired Pixie Dust – clear base with tiny holo microglitters, black hex, black hearts and bright pink squares. This is very much what I made everything themed around in middle school lol. The pink, the black – basically if this existed in 2003, I would’ve been all over it. The formula is pretty good on this one, not too thick so it layers easily. I did end up fishing the hearts out of the bottle though and placing them, but if I had shaken the bottle up more, I think it would have helped. 
  • Fairy Blood Spatter – clear base with neon pink and purple to layer into a crazy bright and fun nail. I fell in love with this after Rylee posted pics of this on her Instagram and had to purchase it. It layered wonderfully and dried down fairly quickly.
  • Stabbed By A Unicorn – this one I was most excited for because it’s a clear base with a rainbow of neon glitter, then white hex and star pieces as well. Love! This one was slightly thicker, and again, I ended up fishing out the stars to get them on the swatch. It wasn’t annoying or anything though, so in practice it’ll be a pretty easy polish to use. 

Wicked Polish retails for between $10 and $12 depending on where and when you get them. Currently, Wicked Polish’s site is closed down because Rylee, who makes the polish, is moving. You can, however purchase them on Harlow & Co as well when they’re in stock. I suggest Liking Wicked Polish on Facebook, so you can keep track of re-stocks 🙂

Expired Pixie Dust
Fairy Blood Spatter

Stabbed By A Unicorn

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