More Wicked Polish today! (And tomorrow)
I have some from her newer collections today, the Wicked Whimsy and What Happens In Vegas collections. To add to Gangrene and Pox, Rylee made some more neon glitter polishes, and I was SO excited to get them when she first posted pics on her Instagram.
Wicked Whimsy (which the rest of the collection will be posted tomorrow) and What Happens In Vegas both have some fun and cleverly named polishes with pretty unique use of neon glitter and different shapes of glitter.
Here are the colors I have today:
  • Hung-Over The Rainbow (Wicked Whimsy Collection) – clear base with small and large neon hex pieces. The colors are neon “primary” colors, pink, yellow and blue. Rylee specifically said she only used those two colors so that they layer together to make all the colors of the rainbow. It’s great in theory, but I haven’t been able to successfully and easily layer the polish so that there’s a nice rainbow of glitter. The swatch below, on the very edge of the swatch, I placed a lot of glitter so you can see what it’s supposed to look like. It may just be that I have to shake my bottle more. The formula isn’t overly thick or anything though so it’s not too goopy when you layer it out like that.
  • Drunk In Public (What Happens In Vegas Collection) – milky white crelly base with a rainbow of small neon hex glitter. This actually has all the colors of the rainbow in it and is a very pixel like looking glitter when you apply it. The formula was great on this for me – easy to apply, good coverage in 2 coats and it’s bright and pops because of the neon. I can definitely see myself wearing this a TON over the summer 🙂
  • Five-Oh! (What Happens In Vegas Collection) – clear base with red, white, blue, and black square glitter, meant to look like cop car lights. It’s a unique concept and definitely unique in my collection. I don’t quite know what I’m going to use this over, but like the look of the layering of square glitters. The formula was similar to Hung-Over The Rainbow, it’s not too thick so layering wasn’t a pain.
Wicked Polish retails for between $10 and $12 depending on where and when you get them. Currently, Wicked Polish’s site is closed down because Rylee, who makes the polish, is moving. You can, however purchase them on Harlow & Co as well when they’re in stock. I suggest Liking Wicked Polish on Facebook, so you can keep track of re-stocks 🙂

Hung-Over The Rainbow
Drunk In Public


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