Today’s post is going to be a series of swatches all from Wicked Polish!
My two first Wicked Polishes were Pox and Gangrene, which were the two polishes that put Wicked Polish on the map (as far as I’m concerned). Here I have the rest of, well almost all of the Pestilence Collection which is what Pox and Gangrene are from. The two that I’m missing are Hematoma and Pink Eye, which sold out SO QUICKLY during the restock.
But for now, here are the rest!

  • Black Lung – dark grey, almost black, jelly with blue shimmer, scattered holo sparkles and small black hex glitter. The blue shimmer is almost a turquoise. The texture of this one was ok – it’s pretty sheer so I’d suggest layering it over a black to get the full effect. You’d probably do best with two coats over black, since one coat doesn’t get you all that much glitter mixed in. 
  • Frostbite – white glitter and teal holo glitter in a shimmery white glitter base. I was expecting the least out of this one, based off of online swatches and bottle picks, but ended up loving this THE MOST. Which is stupid, because it’s a teal glitter, and you’d think I’d automatically fall in love with it before purchasing and playing with it, but the rest of her polishes are awesome so I sort of overlooked this one. The formula is really great, the glitter comes out really nice and not too scattered but not too dense and it’s a good mix of teal and white.
  • Priapism – hahahahahahahaha. Remember that time I made a video, and said “google what a priapism is?” this is the polish that sparked all of that. I laugh, mostly because somebody finally made a polish called priapism. And well, it’s a blue polish. And Viagra is blue. I lol. Anyways, this is a really sheer blue jelly shimmer with a reddish pink flash to it. There’s also the rare blue glitter in there. I’d really recommend layering this over a blue because even at 3 coats, it’s quite sheer (as it’s a jelly).
  • Cardiac Arrest – this one turned out quite lovely in person as well. It’s a blood red jelly base with red and holo hex glitter. It layers to pretty much opaque coverage at 3 coats. I generally love reds and red glitters, so this was also a no brainer “love” polish for me.
Wicked Polish retails for between $10 and $12 depending on where and when you get them. Currently, Wicked Polish’s site is closed down because Rylee, who makes the polish, is moving. You can, however purchase them on Harlow & Co as well when they’re in stock. I suggest Liking Wicked Polish on Facebook, so you can keep track of re-stocks 🙂
Black Lung


Cardiac Arrest

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