I’ve split up this haul into 3 parts so this post isn’t too heavy and dense, but if you want to see all my Lynn posts, just click on the “lynnderella” tag at the end of this post, as well as in my “labels” sidebar on the right.

  • One Nutty Fruitcake – clear base with black microglitter, then a ton of different colored pieces of square glitter. I LOVE this one. I didn’t think I’d like this one as much as I do, but the black against the different colors mixed in is awesome. It’s pretty densely packed, but not soo much that it looks black on the nail. 
  • New Year’s Eve Eve – clear base with every shape and size and color of glitter mixed in. Literally the confetti you see on the ground in New York. This one had a slightly thicker base which made the glitter apply not as densely as I would have liked but it still looks very nice after applying one coat. 
  • Season’s Glitterings – clear base with a more silver based glitter; silver microglitter, and holo pieces of silver in different shapes. There are also different colored pieces mixed in as well. This one spread onto the swatch more easily than New Year’s Eve Eve. 

These three polishes I was very excited to purchase and play with. New Year’s Eve Eve and Season’s Glitterings were both polishes that were recommended to me by Radha.

Lynnderella polishes are expensive at about $23 a piece, and can be purchased on eBay. I really quite love these glitters, because they’re so unique, but I highly recommend looking through various available colors and thoroughly researching the colors before committing to buy them, especially if you’re not a collector like I am.
I will say that if you have one of these, you may not need the other two.
The swatches down below (in the photo with the 4 swatches, from R-L) are on it’s own, over white, over black then over Essie’s In The Cab-Ana

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