The post right before this is part 1, which included four colors that I recently purchased. I’ve split up this haul into 3 parts so this post isn’t too heavy and dense, but if you want to see all my Lynn posts, just click on the “lynnderella” tag at the end of this post, as well as in my “labels” sidebar on the right.
This post includes some limited edition colors from Valentine’s Day as well as just this year’s Spring collection. You can probably still find some of them on the eBay site she sells off of now.
Here are the 4 colors in this post:

  • Beleaf is Magic. – translucent grass green base with green microglitter, then lighter yellow green, red and darker green hex pieces all mixed in to a very earthy but springy shade. This one is pretty densely packed so you get a good amount of coverage in one coat.
  • She Lived in a Swamp – slightly swamp green tinted base with a loosely packed swamp green string glitter. There are also some more swamp green hexes, as well as some blue rhombus shapes. 
  • Parfait d’Amour – red tinted base with red and purple hex glitter and red hearts. This is very densely packed glitter so you’ll get a pretty good amount of coverage with this polish in just one coat.
  • Sugared Violet – almost clear base, with a slight purple tint to it. There’s a lot of pale lavender type microglitter, then random pieces of pearly white glitter, lavender hearts,  and then some hexes in blue, purple and that pearly white again. This is less densely packed than Parfait d’Amour.

Lynnderella polishes are expensive at about $23 a piece, and can be purchased on eBay. I really quite love these glitters, because they’re so unique, but I highly recommend looking through various available colors and thoroughly researching the colors before committing to buy them, especially if you’re not a collector like I am. 
If you have Nosegay, you may not need Sugared Violet. 
The swatches down below (in the photo with the 4 swatches, from R-L) are on it’s own, over white, over black then over a color.
For Beleaf is Magic. – Essie First Timer
She Lived in a Swamp – Essie First Timer
Parfait d’Amour – OPI Funky Dunkey
Sugared Violet – OPI Funky Dunkey 

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