Maybelline has a full line of bright, bold lipsticks called their Vivids line. It has a full range of colors.
However, they also had a few limited edition shades they released with their Spring Color Goes Electric line and I basically just discovered them while going to go pick up some of the permanent colors.
My CVS had gross, touched, tainted permanent colors, so I went searching elsewhere and found these limited edition colors in their display that I had probably walked by a million times and NEVER paid any attention to.
There are 4 lipsticks in that Spring collection, and I bought the two red ones because I was looking for the permanent red ones and decided these will do.

  • Infra-Red – primary red color. Against florescent light, it can look blue toned, but under flash a lot of orange comes out. 
  • Pop of Cherry – more of a lighter red, with a slight pink undertone when swatched but looks sort of orangey in the tube. A nice vintage red, perfect for the summer. Again, when under flash lighting, the warm tones come out very strongly, but under florescent light it pulls more cool toned.
The formula on these was great, as with the other two Maybelline Vivids colors that I have in my collection already. They go on incredibly opaque and have a sheen to them. It’s like a natural “gloss” but it isn’t sticky. They colors do bleed a tiny bit but nothing that lipliner won’t deal with. They feel comfortable on the lips and aren’t drying like a lot of bold lipsticks can be.
I don’t know if you can still find these really easily, but I know they’ll be in stores until they sell out. All the stores in my area still have them in stock.
If you can’t find these particular ones, just get the regular reds in their permanent line – as far as I can tell, they’re very very similar, so you don’t need both these and the permanent colors.

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