I just realized how long it’s been since I’ve bought something from Mac – I just had to make the tag “Mac 2013 Collections”. It’s just that Mac collections haven’t been wowing me recently. It’s not really like Baking Beauties wowed me either, but they had a few products that I knew I’d like so I picked those up, as well as the products from the Winter that I wanted to pick up months ago.
Mac’s Winter collection was called Apres Chic and had a full range of products from mineralized face to lips. The only products that I really wanted from that collection were the Mineralized Tinted Lip Balms, which are really just glorified lip balms.
They have a slightly stickier texture, which is similar to their tinted lip balms from last year’s summer collection. They do have a pretty good conditioning feel to them though, and they haven’t dried out my lips like I had expected them to, as a lot of Mac’s lip gloss type formulas do. These are very much in-between a lip gloss and balm. The colors are all pretty sheer, even the darkest color I bought had just enough color deposit to give a healthy look to my lips.
Here are the colors I bought from the Apres Chic collection:

  • Pure & Tender – warm melon pink type of color when swatched. In the tube it comes off much more salmon like. The tubes, by the way, have a gold shimmer, but it is NOT incorporated into the gloss itself.
  • Rosy Romance – berry toned red with a very slight shimmer. It looks pretty dark in the tube but applies very sheerly and again, give just a healthy look to the lips.
  • Slightly Nude – more orange toned than Pure & Tender. This one hopefully will apply over other coral like colors and will help ease me into the world of orange toned products, which I tend not to wear very much.
  • Stay Warm! – light warm toned pink. This has an obvious coral undertone, but just swatches like a warm pink sheer gloss. I’ve already used this a few times as an easy lip color on the go.
I bought one other Mineralize Tinted Lip Balm from the Spring Baking Beauties collection:
  • Cheery Cheery – bright bubblegum type pink that swatches very light and milky. I don’t love these types of colors on me regularly, but again since it’s on the sheer side I feel more comfortable wearing it.
Bottom line about the Mineralize Tinted Lip Balms – they’re just an average (not outstanding) tinted lip balm. Slightly stickier – I find that products like these are a great way to edge into a certain color group. You definitely don’t need to splurge on Mac for colors like this though. I just happened to purge a lot of my stash before this collection was released so I felt a little more comfortable buying tinted lip glosses from Mac. If I hadn’t done that, then I probably wouldn’t have purchased these. I do like them, but they’re not a “Must Have” type product.
The other products I purchased from the Baking Beauties collection was a few of the Paint Pots. I guess at some point Mac relabeled them as “Pro Longwear Paint Pot”. Who knew? I feel like they last a really long time anyways so adding “Pro Longwear” doesn’t make all that much more of a difference. But oh well.
These always perform wonderfully for me. I use these most as eyeshadow bases. They’re a cream to set product in various tones. They have quite a few in their regular line. The ones released in Baking Beauties were limited edition, however they are easily dupable. I have been able to get a good 4 to 5 hours of wear without creasing with these if I don’t use a primer. If I use a primer, these last all day on my lids with no creasing whatsoever.
  • Eclair – this is apparently very close to Constructivist. It’s a darker bronze shade with a shimmery finish. This one has great pigmentation and is an awesome base for your standard neutral shadow look. 
  • Fancy Frosting – this is a shimmery white base with a slight chunky to it. I think Benefit may have a color similar to this in their cream shadow line. If not, I’m sure Maybelline has one. And then again, if not, there is most definitely a NYX Jumbo Eye Shadow color with this base, just make sure you use a primer underneath those because they crease. This has the same finish as the group of paint pots that were released a few winters back that had that slight gold glitter in them. This just has a pearly glitter in it instead. Very pretty on it’s own 🙂
  • Mooncake – this has a champagne base with the same pearly glitter infused into it. I love this one. It’s a wonderful color base, and the glitter doesn’t fade away or fall out. I’ve sort of been waiting for a product like this from Mac. Bare Study has a cooler base and no glitter in it.

Baking Beauties was released about a month ago, but you can still purchase a lot of the products online, if not in store. It’s a full collection of springy pastel shades, if you’re into that 🙂
Hopefully Mac’s summer collection will be more enticing, but we’ll see.
Did you guys pick up any of these products? What do you think?
For the Paint Pots – the swatches are with flash on the right and with artificial light on the left!

Fancy Frosting


Cheery Cheery

Pure & Tender

Rosy Romance

Slightly Nude

Stay Warm!

With Flash
Cheery Cheery / Pure & Tender / Rosy Romance / Slightly Nude / Stay Warm!

With Artificial Light
Cheery Cheery / Pure & Tender / Rosy Romance / Slightly Nude / Stay Warm!

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