So going back to the Ombre thing that I was super into earlier in april, I recently acquired quite a few of these Liquid Sand effect polishes and realized I could do an ombre featuring these as well!
On my thumb is OPI’s Solitaire. Index – Zoya Nyx. Middle Julie G for Jesse’s Girl – Blueberry Fizz. Ring – OPI Tiffany Case. Pinkie – OPI Get Your Number.
I have swatches of each of these which are linked, with the Julie G one coming up soon 🙂 Think of this as a preview comparison post.
There isn’t much to say about this mani – I wore it for the last few days of April before removing it when I got a manicure (because they’re better at filing than I am, and I just needed a spa day lol). 
I also have to admit, I really quite like this finish MUCH more than when I first read the press release. I can definitely see myself using these after the fad has gone out, unlike the Shatter polishes. The colors and the glitter are so pretty!
This is my last Autism Awareness post, and after this I’ll start posting all my backlogged NOTW posts. 

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