In early April I did a periwinkle jelly Forget-Me-Not inspired manicure.
These are the polishes that I was talking about in that post.
At the very beginning of April, I had a very strong want to find the perfect jelly periwinkle color. Long story short, after browsing Pinterest for years, I started thinking about my future wedding and the nails I want and I came to the decision that I wanted something very inspired by Forget-Me-Nots, which are one of my favorite flowers. After searching Google for an hour, I couldn’t find any jelly formulas in the perfect periwinkle color so I sort of just gave up. Eshani then told me one day that Nfu Oh was discontinuing some flakies, so I headed over to their site to order some. I didn’t order any of those, but I did end up on their other collections and found the Jelly Syrup collection. They have EVERY color under the rainbow and I was so excited to see they had periwinkle! I couldn’t find any swatches really online aside from the provided ones on the site, so I bit the bullet, bought some and am very glad I did.
They retail for $12.50 originally but as I’m writing the post it’s only $10. You can purchase them here on

  • JS13 – light wisteria colored purple.
  • JS14 – light periwinkle blue.
  • JS16 – light but bright turquoise.
  • JS29 – deep sheer cobalt blue.
  • JS33 – sheer bottle green with a little bit of a blue undertone to it.
The formula for all of these is typical of the jelly finish – very sheer and very glossy. It isn’t thick in consistency as some jelly finishes can be, and applies very easily onto the nail. The darkest color JS33 finishes to a more glass like translucent finish whereas the other four I purchased get to pretty opaque coverage with that slight squishiness to it.
I’m pretty tempted to purchase more, just for the function of being able to do jelly sandwiches in all the colors.
Each swatch below shows my standard staggered swatch then a jelly sandwich right next to it. What I did was one coat of the polish, one coat of OPI’s Rainbow Connection (just a standard rainbow glitter in a clear base) then another coat of the polish. You can see just how sheer it is in one coat.
I really quite like these polishes and hope they don’t discontinue these anytime soon!






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