So yeah. The Kardashians.
Have whatever opinion you want on them – you have to admit, they’re makeup is pretty much always flawless. And it was an intriguing concept when they announced they were going to release their own makeup line.
Before I get into any of this, please realize that these aren’t high end products. You can purchase them at CVS. I think the majority of the negative opinion that came out of these products was because people were expecting the highest of quality of products because the Kardashian name, and it gave them a completely open opportunity to bash them if they didn’t like them. So, forget your opinions, and try to see this just as another drugstore beauty line, like Revlon, Maybelline and Covergirl. Realize that they released these products in drugstores so they could be accessible to as many people as possible – yes a money ploy but imagine if they had released it in department stores, and how much some people would have hated them even more then.
Ok. Moving on.
I happen to like them somewhat, again because their makeup is flawless. Plus Lord Disick is the funniest and best thing to happen to them in well… since Kim got it in the butt from Ray J. (Yeah I said it).
The Khroma Beauty line is a pretty much complete line of cosmetics ranging from makeup to nails. There are eyes, lips, as well as a few face products available. I feel like the one thing they don’t have is a foundation, which I hope they do release so I can see what they have in mind.
I pretty much picked up one of everything that interested me, including some false lashes about 6 months back. I like the lashes even though people seem to not like how “undramatic” they are. But I mean from a business standpoint how many people that shop at CVS want the boldest false lashes of all time? I think the somewhat bold statement those lashes give is perfect. Plus they were really easy for me to use and were comfortable to wear.
Here’s what I picked up this time:

  • Double Up Eyeshadow Stick in Chocolate/Champagne ($10.99) – This is a double sided cream shadow in stick form. They’re fairly soft and pigmented, and pretty much set in a few minutes. I did notice a little bit of transfer after running my finger over it so a primer is needed if you have oily lids. The colors were pretty rich and wearable. I have yet to fully wear them out but I think these are pretty comparable to the CoverGirl products that are out right now. These come in 4 shades.
  • Film Noir Drama Liner in Raven Jet and Starry Brunette ($8.99) – these are twist up liners with a decently creamy formula and rich pigmentation. These are also easy to apply although not completely budgeproof. I’d probably wear these on my upper lash line and smudge the tiniest bit across the lower lash line because it may bleed. Raven Jet is a cool toned black, not quite as black as Urban Decay Perversion, but close. Starry Brunette is a cool toned bark brown with a slight shimmer. These are the only available colors.
  • Honey Pot Lip Conditioner in Rose Tint ($7.49) – these are tiny little balm pots with difficult to open lids. That’s what first sort of made me went “really…?” with this product. Second, it’s sort of a sticky balm, which some may like, but I personally like the smoother slightly waxier type of balm. It smells delicious though. Just like raw honey. The color does show up a little when put on bare lips but is basically clear. There is also a clear version. I did get a fair amount of lip conditioning when I wore this product, but it didn’t quite last as long as others like the Jack Black (which is my favorite). It’s a cute little product though and it smells nice. So, if you’re interested in just a random lip balm and you like honey then this may be for you. Otherwise it’s not a completely necessary product to have.
  • Nail Lacquer in Fever Dream ($5.99) – there are 20 shades available and these were the first products that I really wanted to try of the line. I picked the darkest color, which is a solid wine creme because Kardashians mean dark nails and I always like to test polish brands with their teal or dark colors. Typically I’ve found that if I like your dark polishes then I pretty much will like your brand. The formula for Fever Dream was pretty nice. It’s glossy and was opaque in 2 coats. It’s not the most unique color, as their line isn’t the most unique color range wise, but it’s a good staple to have.
  • Joystick Lip Lacquer in Rose Parade ($8.99) – this stuff rocks. I swatched this and my jaw dropped. This is a mechanical lipstick that has a slightly softer formula so it glides on really easily but was still incredibly opaque. It’s also a medium sized “jumbo” style pencil so it’s more precise than the other twist up alternatives. The color is a bright primary red. The swatch that I have below is just the product swatched down my hand one time around – so just one swipe of the product. It’s incredible. It’s got a little bit of a tendency to stray but honestly it wasn’t that bad. It isn’t transfer proof so you will need to reapply during the day, but this was easily my favorite product of the bunch. Currently there are 8 colors available.
  • Honey Stick Lip Gloss in Wild Honey ($8.99) – this stuff also is super honey scented, which is nice for a lip gloss. This was also a pretty pigmented gloss. It doesn’t have that much of a sticky texture and Wild Honey applied really opaque when swatched. The color is a warm orangey red with a gold shimmer. This is the color that I thought I’d wear the most so that’s why I bought it. There’s also 8 of these colors available ranging from nude to darker reds. 
Overall, I’m pretty impressed with the line. It’s on the slightly more expensive side of drugstore products, but it’s no Physicians Formula. I think there are some skips in the product range, but overall there are decent products to choose from. 
I’d definitely recommend the Joystick Lip Lacquer to inquiring minds, as well as the Honey Stick Lip Gloss. 
There are other similar products available in the drugstore to the rest of the line that I tried.
Have any of you purchased these products? Let me know in the comments!

Double Up Eyeshadow Stick in Chocolate/Champagne

Double Up Eyeshadow Stick in Chocolate/Champagne

Honey Pot Lip Conditioner in Rose Tint

Nail Lacquer in Fever Dream

Joystick Lip Lacquer in Rose Parade
Joystick Lip Lacquer in Rose Parade

2 thoughts on “Khroma Beauty First Impressions – Joystick, Honey Pot, Nail Polish, Film Noir Drama Liner, Double Up Eyeshadow Stick, Honey Stick Lipgloss

  1. Oh, the last two products like you said are gorgeous! That lip colour/gloss looks beautiful, and definitely unique enough. And you know how I love everything that comes in crayon form. Would love to see other colours if you pick up more!


  2. I have a question about one of the colors on the color wheel. What is the color and nail polish company of the blue polish to the right of Fever Dream (featured) ?

    Thanks in advance for your reply.

    Sheri in CA


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