Pastels for Spring! Good one L’Oreal. 
No but in all seriousness, they put out some nice colors so, I bought two of them.
Yes, I’m late in posting these. Yes, they’re sort of harder to find now. Yes, I’m sorry. But this blog also serves as sort of an archive for me so that’s why I’ve still decided to post this here.
The L’Oreal Spring 2013 collection was loosely based off of the Palace of Versailles and I guess Macarons? Regardless, there were a lot of pastel shades, 5 I believe in their polishes.
The only two that appealed to me were the light green and blue, and this was after a few weeks of holding off because I just couldn’t justify the price and what I had in my collection. Then, I realized that I don’t actually have a good pastel light blue AND they went on sale AND I had an extra coupon at CVS so they came home with me.
  • Pistachio Dream 118 – minty light green with a very slight green shimmer. This is almost opaque in 2 coats but fares better with 3.
  • Royally Yours 120 – pastel blue creme. Opaque in 2 coats.

Now, these are pretty colors but they don’t have the greatest formula which is something that I’ve experienced quite a few times with L’Oreal polishes. The brush definitely has to do with it. Both of these were kind of streaky, and had a slightly thicker formula which doesn’t help with the streakiness. They sort of went on patchy actually. As they’re thick, they start to goop up while you’re applying and the color doesn’t go on very smoothly. The brush has slightly thicker, stiffer bristles that curve at the tip and cause more drag lines in the polish than I wanted it to.
A lot of people have been saying this is a new brush and that they like it. Well, I don’t, and it makes it hard to deal with and the polishes just aren’t that great. It’s a pity because the colors are so pretty and I know I’m going to use them, at least this Spring and Summer.
If anybody has some advice on how to best use these polishes, it’d be much appreciated 🙂
I purchased them at CVS for about $5 each but I think they originally retailed for $7 or $8 each.

One thought on “Spring 2013 – L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Versaille Romance Collection Nail Polish Swatches

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