I have another new (to me) indie brand today. This is Happy Hands Nail Polish and I discovered them through Instagram.
Happy Hands is currently available on their Etsy shop. Each polish retails for $10.
The two I have to show you are the two that I found most unique. Unfortunately one of them was Limited Edition, and I considered not showing you but I have it up anyways, because it’s pretty 🙂

  • Egg Hunt – this was an Easter special color. It’s pretty much got the perfect name because it’s a grass green bar and hex glitter with yellow, pink, and blue pastel circle glitters. It’s suspended in a clear base that dries down sort of matte, so you need a top coat to get the full glory of this polish to come through. It’s a great layering polish more so than a polish to wear on it’s own.
  • The Worst Is Over – this is (as far as I know) a permanent color. I know that as of today (5/2/13) you can purchase it on the Etsy site. It’s a pastel purple creme base with red, pink, blue, and orange pieces of glitter in various sizes. This one is opaque in 2 coats and also dries to a sort of matte finish, so a top coat is needed.

The formula for both of these was really not bad. It’s sort of a typical glitter consistency where the base is sort of thick (at least for Egg Hunt) which encourages you to layer it more than wear it alone. The formula for The Worst Is Over was easy to work with, but it got a little goopy at 3 coats. Nothing bad though since it’s opaque in 2 coats.
I don’t know yet if I’m going to purchase any more of their permanent collection since there aren’t any combos that are completely unique to my collection now that I have so many indies. I will however keep tabs on the brand to see if anything interesting pops up, like Egg Hunt.

Egg Hunt

The Worst Is Over

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