Guess what??? I suck at blogginggggggggg lol. I’m sorry I’ve been so absent recently – school took over, and so did work, so videos and blog posts got put on the backburner again. Good news is, tonight (while I watch the Sharks Game) I’ll be writing up/editing a lot of things so you’ll have a pretty consistent amount of content on my channel and on my blog for at least a few weeks.
Today I have 2 of the 4 Essie Resort colors to show you. The other two were red and purple (typical Essie colors). These were definitely the unanimously favorited colors of the 4 piece collection.
I found these actually like a month and a half ago at Walgreens, and loved them so much in person that I just snatched up 2 extra and sent them to Eshani.
I’m pretty impressed with Essie’s consistently awesome Resort colors every summer. It started with the 4 piece collection containing Lapis of Luxury, which is still one of my favorite blues.
This year, the green and blue in the collection were really on-trend. They’re bright, and pretty beachy colors.

  • First Timer – bright blue toned green. It reminds me of a lighter and brighter version of China Glaze’s Four Leaf Clover. It can look really green in some lights and almost turquoise like in other lights. The color in the swatch below is what it looks like on me when I swatch it on my hand, I have though, seen it look very very green and almost brighter on other people. This is one of those chameleon (sidenote: if you watch HIMYM, do you just pronounce it “Sha-me-lee-on” now?) greens so I highly recommend seeing it in person and holding it up to your skintone before you decide on purchasing it or not.
  • In The Cab-Ana – bright turquoise tinted blue. This is another chameleon color because in some lights it looks really really blue, but in others it can pull very turquoise, and almost like a light teal. I had this on my toes for a solid month. It’s perfect for the summer.

The formula for both of these polishes was excellent for me. They were opaque in 2 coats, and were a breeze to work with. Both of them have lasted on my nails for a good 5 days without chipping. 
These are currently available at all drugstores and retail for $8 each. 
Have you picked these up? What do you think?

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