I have the first (and probably one of my favorite, of all time) Summer 2013 post for you all today, and it’s the OPI Bond Girls collection.
The press release for this came out probably about 6 weeks ago, right when I started to like the OPI Liquid Sands. This collection definitely helped that cause because it’s based off of 6 Bond girls. 
You all know how much I LOVE James Bond, and so this collection was such a no brainer for me to purchase. Bond girls are eternal – they’re beautiful, sassy, and yes, their image is totally sexist but you can’t help but love them. They’re timeless and are going to be forever remembered.
OPI chose to feature 6 girls, two modern ones and 4 classic ones.
  • Honey Ryder (Dr. No, Ursula Andress) – pale metallic gold base with pieces of gold glitter dispersed throughout it. The metallic base gives it sort of a metallic leather like finish along with the sand like finish. 
  • Jinx (Die Another Day, Halle Berry) – warm reddish orange base with a ton of gold glitter. This one has a more sugar crystal like finish, rather than a metallic finish. 
  • Pussy Galore (Goldfinger, Honor Blackman) – frosty cupcake pink base with pink shimmer. So pretty in person, especially in the sun!
  • Solitaire (Live and Let Die, Jane Seymour) – frosty white base with a silver glitter. This will look amazing on tanner skin tones. It was another, along with Pussy Galore that I didn’t think I’d like, but was definitely a surprise when seeing it in the sun.
  • Tiffany Case (Diamonds Are Forever, Jill St. John) – bright blue glitter base with silver and blue glitter dispersed throughout it. Just a warning, this does stain the nails!
  • Vesper (Casino Royale, Eva Green) – this is a dark inky purple base with a black matte glitter. It’s got more of a finish that’s similar to the non-glitter colors by China Glaze and Milani that are also textures. This one is definitely much prettier though because of the black glitter. 

Formula wise I was able to get full opacity at 2 coats with each of these. Pussy Galore was the “sheerest” but if you use slightly thicker coats, it will cover the nail in 2 coats. Vesper definitely looks different with 2 and 3 coats – 2 coats it looks more purple, 3 coats it looks more brown. It’s not sheer though at 2 coats, so you can choose how purple you want your nails to look, which is nice. These all dried to the touch within minutes, and I’ve been able to go do “stuff” (cleaning, dishes, go through my purse) after 5 minutes with no negative outcome to my nails. The OPI Liquid Sand formula has lasted on my nails really well each time I’ve used them. They don’t chip and they don’t budge at all.
OPI suggests not using a base coat or top coat, to preserve the finish that it’s intended to have. I use a base coat and it works fine. These eat top coat, so while you get a glossy shine with top coat, you definitely will still have texture to your nails.
Since you don’t need top coat, this makes these products great for the quick mani before you rush out the door. I’ve definitely slapped this on RIGHT before bed and RIGHT before leaving for school at 6 in the morning and have never had to worry about the state of my nails. It’s almost better than the matte polish because these (at least for me) set faster. So although it’s definitely a kitschy trend that won’t last longer than a year, I currently take full advantage of this formula of polish and paint it on so I don’t have to go naked to school or work the next day.
Each polish retails for $9. You can purchase them now at Ulta and Ulta online, and I think the official release for these is the first week of May. Salons, beauty supply stores and etailers should have them by then.
Will you be picking any of these up? Do you like the trend??
Photos and Swatches are down below, along with pics of each Bond Girl, and my video review 🙂

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