This is my second Autism Awareness mani and it’s a blue holo ombre 🙂
By the way, I have about 5 other NOTWs that I hadn’t posted before these April ones, but I wanted to get these up on time so they’d be appropriately posted.
I got in the mood for the ombre look on my nails recently. Not on each individual nail, but ombre as a whole on my hand. I definitely wanted to do it with blue, as I had a purple one on my nails earlier (which I’ll post soon I promise!), and I definitely wanted something holo, so I went into my holo drawer and picked out my favorite blue holo polishes.
Here are the colors I picked:

  • Thumb: Nail Nation 3000 #11 Max-A-Million – really pale light blue with a strong linear holo
  • Index: China Glaze 2Nite – cool medium blue linear holo
  • Middle: Jindie Nails Blue Ivy – bright medium blue holo with a very slight almost linear scattered holo
  • Ring: Hits No Olimpo Apolo – deep blue almost linear scattered holo. 
  • Pinky: Chirality Polish Quarks – dark navy/purple almost linear scattered holo.

I loved the range of color in this mani, but also the degree of holo in each nail. If you may have noticed, some of those brands are new to my collection, and yes, I will be posting swatches of them!
Aside from the China Glaze, the rest are pretty readily available on Indie stockists such as Llarowe, Harlow & Co, Mei Mei Signatures, or directly off of their own store, like Chirality.

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