I haven’t done a negative review in a while. I don’t really do them, since I typically can find another use for something, if I don’t like it. Or really, it’s just not that bad so I can deal with it, and then the product grows on me and I see a few benefits that I haven’t seen.
This is not the case with these products.
I was pretty excited to see these in the display with the new Lip Butters because I love cream blushes, and I wanted the drugstore to also put out a good cream stick formula of blush since I love the Nars Multiples so much.
In fact, I was so excited when I saw these first at Walgreens that I didn’t even research these and snatched them up. #regrets.
There are three colors available in the Baby Stick formula.
  • Sunset – in the tube is a bright red gel. It has a gel like waxy consistency, like clear chapstick, and swatches SUPER SUPER sheer to an orange tint.
  • Pink Passion – bright bubblegum pink with a lip balm like texture. It swatches pretty true to what is in the tube.
  • Tahitian – grapefruit like sheer tint with a lip balm like texture.

These retail for about $10 each. Which is first off, ridiculous. They’re barely the length of my middle finger, and about the size of a silver dollar. Not that much product for $10.
The formula though, is what I really have an issue with. It was inconsistent through the three of them. Pink Passion swatched pretty well but not completely opaque like you’d expect from a cream blush. It went on like a tinted lip balm. Tahitian was worse. It went on like a sheer tinted lip balm. And then there was Sunset. Which was oily and waxy and barely deposited any color at all. AT ALL. I had to rub that thing on my arm like 15 times before I got that orange tint on my wrist. 
I know that it says “For Lips & Cheeks” but honestly, I wouldn’t even wear these on my lips. The formula wasn’t conditioning, or moisturizing at all. Maybe I’d use Pink Passion for the color but not for the formula.
These products are definitely a major disappointment, and I DO NOT recommend people purchasing them!
Do any of you have these? Have you had as little luck with them as I have?

Pink Passion

Pink Passion / Sunset / Tahitian

2 thoughts on “Revlon Babysticks – All The Regrets

  1. I got Tahitian and once I switched it I immediately returned it. There was basically no pigmentation, and I am quite pale! This does not show up on my cheeks. I don't even understand how they thought these were ready to sell. Extremely disappointing!


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