I talk about Eshani, Radha and Holly a lot, but it’s because they’re some of my favorite and best friends I’ve made through YouTube and the beauty community. I can bounce ideas of them and ask for opinions and they always give the most honest opinions and it’s easy to have conversation with them. 
Recently, Eshani had been raving about the new Milani lipsticks, and was kind enough to actually send me six of them 🙂 She also sent me two lip liners, which I was also very excited about because I have so many lip colors and quite frankly like 3 non-red lip liners.
The Milani Color Statement Lipsticks are a new line of bold and pigmented lipsticks. There are 28 colors to choose from, that range from neutrals, to bright pinks, oranges, and reds as well as really sultry dark vampy lips. Each lipstick retails for about $6 or $7, depending on where you purchase them, although Milani’s website has them listed for $5.49.
Along with the lipsticks came the lip liners, which Milani sells for $3.99 on their site, although I think at my CVS they were selling for about $5. There are 8 colors to choose from, ranging from neutrals to some slightly brighter colors.
Formula wise, the lip liners, are a medium texture, hardness wise. They’re softer than the Mac lip pencils, but much harder than the Covergirl and Revlon lip pencils I have used. 
  • 07 Brandy – red toned brown. It’s fairly opaque, I didn’t have to build up the color to get a strong brown color. The red definitely pulls through when swatching, so it’ll be a good base for neutral colors. It will darken lipsticks you put on top of it though, so if you’re a lighter skin tone, this may not be a color you want to choose.
  • 08 Fuchsia – bold magenta pink. This was also fairly opaque and didn’t require very much building to get full color payoff. The color isn’t necessarily bright, as in neon, but it is a bold pink. It’s a slightly darker shade of pink, so again, it will darken lipsticks you put over it. I love this shade and will most likely pair it with Mac’s Girl About Town lipstick when I wear it next.

07 Brandy Lip Liner
08 Fuchsia Lip Liner
The lipsticks are all really smooth, pigmented and fairly long lasting. They sort of remind me of the Cover Girl lipsticks, pigmentation wise. The Cover Girl ones are slightly softer, but it’s not a totally noticeable or negative difference. They feel comfortable on the lips and last on me for about 5 hours before I feel a little bit of dryness and see a little fading. I have eaten with these on and have noticed some wear, and had to reapply but that is typical with pretty much every lipstick I have used, aside from the OCC Lip Tars. 
As a sidenote, which has nothing to do with the product’s performance, the Milani Color Statement Lipstick packaging is awesome. It’s a sleek gold tube with a little plastic color swatch with the number and color listed on the bottom. It’s very high end looking, which is something that has been somewhat of a trend in the drugstore recently. I like it!
  • 17 Plumrose – dusty red toned rose. This is a color I recently reached for to use as an everyday color but to add a little bit of color as well. It’s great for spring since it’s got that nice pink undertone to the red. 
  • 19 Raspberry Rush – bright purple toned pink with a slight frost to it. This one swatched much more pink than I thought it would after looking at it in the tube. 
  • 20 Uptown Mauve – darker pink with a berry undertone. This one reminded me a lot of colors you’d see Maybelline do. I do however like this formula of lipstick more than the Maybelline formula. The regular Maybelline lipsticks don’t feel as substantial on the lips which I’m not a fan of. 
  • 21 Sangria – Dark berry wine color. It’s actually not as dark as a wine. Sorry. I take that back lol. But it’s a darker berry toned pink. 
  • 24 Black Cherry – Super dark vampy wine color. This one is awesome. It reminds me a lot of Mac’s Dark Deed which is one of my favorite dark lip colors. It’s also similar to Revlon’s Black Cherry lipstick. This is my favorite of the bunch.
  • 34 Violet Volt – bright purple toned magenta with a slight frost. This one is surprisingly wearable considering there’s that slight frost to it. I don’t wear violet toned lipsticks all that much but I feel like I’ll be reaching for this quite a bit in the summer.

These have definitely left a great impression on me, and I plan on purchasing a few of the reds and pinks from this line. As far as I can tell, these are permanent colors, so that’s a huge plus. Aside from the Maybelline Vivids collection, I haven’t seen that many bold lip colors around so I’m happy Milani released these. Covergirl has a few really bold colors in their lipstick line, and I really like that formula, but there are a lot of neutrals.
Have any of you tried these? What do you think?
17 Plumrose
19 Raspberry Rush
20 Uptown Mauve
21 Sangria
24 Black Cherry

34 Violet Volt

2 thoughts on “Milani Color Statement Lipsticks & Lipliner Swatches!

  1. Do you know how the revlon black cherry compares to the milani one, which is better? and is one slightly lighter than the other?


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