Lynnderella is like crack. For polish junkies. At least for me.
I’ve said this previously, and I’ll say it again, when it comes to good polish, I’m there. I’m saying this because of all the drama llama that went down with Lynnderella in the past. A lot of people refuse to purchase from her because of it, and I was one of those people for a while. Well that, and it’s expensive. But, I eventually cracked because the polishes I saw were incredible. And unique. I may just be another pawn in the system, but I do appreciate well made products and beautiful things, and so that’s why I continue to purchase products from Lynnderella.
I also don’t know anything certain about what happened, and have only heard stories told by people who were like… 8 people down the line from who it actually concerned and stuff. So I can’t even tell you the truth about what happened.
So that’s my stance.
Anyways, I have swatched four more for you today and 3 are from the new Spring line called “Everything’s Coming Up Neon”. I also have one of her “regular” (I don’t actually know if they’re permanent colors or not) polish to show you, which Radha recommended to me.

  • Bird Brain Blue – sheer baby blue creme base with multicolored glitter in many different shapes. There are flowers, butterflies, hearts, hex, squares and diamond shaped pieces of glitter in super springy colors. Very cute! When built up you get a pretty solid baby blue base.
  • Crocus Pocus – sheer base with blue microshimmer and then a mix of purple, white, blue, and lilac pieces of glitter. There are moons, hex, stars and square pieces of glitter. The blue shimmer pops over a dark base and looks very magical 🙂
  • Tres Chic, Duckie Dear – sheer base with pink microshimmer and then a mix of orange, pink, yellow, white, and red glitter in various shapes. The glitter comes in flower, hex, square, bar and random shapes.
  • I Don’t Mean Rhinestones – teal glitter of all different sizes, densely packed into a clear base. There are also holo pieces of glitter (diamonds, hex etc.) which pop out at certain angles. This one is amazing! It’s teal jewels on your nails!
Each photo below has 4 swatches. There’s a swatch of each color on my nails with undies (colored bases underneath). Then there’s a column on the right with a swatch over no base, then over white, and then over black. Each swatch is 2 coats on my actual nails. On the right side column, it’s one coat so you can see how the glitter applies.
You can purchase Lynnderella polishes on eBay and they retail for about $23 each. 

Bird Brain Blue

Crocus Pocus

Tres Chic, Duckie Dear

I Don’t Mean Rhinestones

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