About two weeks ago, I posted my swatch of one of the new Revlon Lip Butter shades (which I have found out by several people are permanent, so don’t worry 😀 ). I was able to only find 1 shade of 4 and  only on Ulta’s website. The color is Sorbet, and it’s an almost magenta pink color. Very pretty and perfect for spring.
Now, after tweeting back and forth with Eshani, we ended up agreeing that if we find any of the other new shades, we’d send them to each other. 
Eshani was able to find Wild Watermelon, which is the color that I was most lemming for, and sent it to me about 5 days ago. In between that time, I was able to find the other 2 shades and sent her a couple, so I now have all 4 of the new shades! A million thank yous to Eshani (go subscribe to her on youtube: www.youtube.com/totalmakeupjunkie101)!!!!
I believe this was part of their new Spring line, which has to do with… resorts? Or something? I have no idea what the actual collection name is, since I guess drugstore brands are doing “collections now” (although I feel like the majority of those products just end up in the permanent range), but in CVS and Walgreens they’ve had individual displays for these and some palettes and chubby sticks (which I have and will review) separated from the regular Revlon display. That sentence was poorly constructed. I apologize lol. But you get the point. 
Regardless of that run-on paragraph, I have three to show you lol.
  • 027 Juicy Papaya – orange toned coral. Since it’s a sheer coral, I think I’ll be able to brave this color as well. I mentioned this in my latest Maybelline Color Whisper post, but I’m not the biggest fan of orange toned corals on me because I feel like I have too warm of a skin tone to comfortably pull it off. But since these lip butters are on the sheer side (compared to a fully opaque lipstick for example), I feel comfortable using it 😀
  • 047 Pink Lemonade – light milky warm toned pink. This is another color that I’m usually not a fan of wearing. Milky light pinks and I don’t get along because I’m in that medium skin tone that I feel makes milky light pinks look weird on me. Same principle though, since it’s sheer, it’ll work better than your standard milky pink.
  • 063 Wild Watermelon – slightly pinkish red color. LOVE. This is the one I was most excited for and I’m very happy to have it. This color is sort of right up my alley and is going to be a color I reach for a lot during spring and summer!
For me the formula for these across the board were great. They glided on smoothly and had pretty good pigmentation for this type of product. Same as the Maybelline Color Whispers, these lighter weight lip colors pack quite a punch of color. 
Since they are lighter weight, they don’t last as long as your typical lipstick, which I don’t expect to since they’re a mix of a balm and a lipstick. As a balm, I guess they moisturize my lips pretty well, but I definitely don’t skip on the lip balm. They’re comfortable and not drying but definitely not meant to be a top line lip conditioner. As a lipstick they’re pretty pigmented for a balmy formula and have a glossy sheen to them. 
I quite like this type of lip color, especially on my lazy makeup days. Compared to the original formula of lip butters, I feel like these may be slightly more balmy and sheer, but nothing that makes me consider why it’s different; it’s not varying in formula too much from the original lip butters that I own to cause any sort of concern.
At CVS and Walgreens, I found them for about $7, but there are definitely some good sales and coupons out that you’ll be able to find them for less. Again, I encourage you to get the free CVS and Walgreens memberships because you’ll get even more coupons and discounts that way!

027 Juicy Papaya

 047 Pink Lemonade
063 Wild Watermelon

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