If you couldn’t tell, I’ve been in a bit of a drugstore kick lately. There have been a lot of brands that have released a lot of very impressive products lately. Because of that, I’ve started watching various drugstore favorites videos and hauls and have been purchasing a lot of old time favorites.
These are some of those products. Tati, or GlamLifeGuru on YouTube, is in the middle of her series of videos highlighting her favorites from each brand hand highlighted these as some of her absolute favorite drugstore products.
I have some of the Color Icon 6 shadow palettes, so I don’t know why it took me so long to purchase these trios. Tati did a pretty shadow demo on her video and I was so impressed by the quality of the products she showed that I went out and purchased them.
The three palettes I bought are:

  • I’m Getting Sunburned – frosty pink (browbone), shimmery mahogany brown (crease), frosty warm gold (eyelid). The pink is a slightly icy like pink. The dark brown is a cool toned dark brown with a warm reddish brown shimmer. The eyelid color is a very pigmented bright warm gold. All three of these colors were incredibly soft and super pigmented. The swatches were done with just barely touching my finger to the shadow. Sidenote – shouldn’t it be “sunburnt” instead of “sunburned”? Regardless, this was an awesome trio.
  • Walking on Eggshells – three frosty shades. Browbone is a warm toned frosty off white. Crease is a warm cork board type brown with a frosty finish. Eyelid is a very light pink with orange undertones, almost a champagne like color. This is a pretty standard pairing of colors. It’s got good color payoff and the shadows are soft. Not quite as soft and pigmented as I’m Getting Sunburned but still a great product. If you don’t have any basic shadow palette, this will be a great place to start. 
  • On Cloud Nine – duo of less frosty, almost satin finish blues and a matte brown. I bought this purely for the matte brown since Tati said it was pretty good, formula-wise. The first blue is a lighter shimmery blue. It’s actually really similar to a light frosty blue shadow that Covergirl used to make in a quad of shadows. It was my favorite in middle school, and I was kind of gutted when I found out they didn’t make it anymore. The matte brown is a midtoned brown that’s pretty neutral. It’s not chalky and had pretty good color payoff. The third color is a shimmery slightly dusty blue. 

Each trio retails for $2.99 at all drugstores. These three were excellent quality so if you’re a makeup beginner these are great places to start. Since I have so much makeup, I’m probably not going to pickup any more of their permanent shadow palettes, but I know I have good products to use in the future with these in my stash.
If I travel I know I’ll probably bring I’m Getting Sunburned or Walking on Eggshells with me since they’re pretty staple colors.
Do any of you have these? What do you think?
***Each center column has swatches. The top photo is under artificial light. Each bottom photo is with flash.
I’m Getting Sunburned
Walking On Eggshells
On Cloud Nine

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