Enkore’s Lipstick Organizer:
DIY Nail Polish Rack – TheEasyDIY
For the time being, I disabled comments on this video.
Skip to 10:22 for JUST Nail Polish!


  • how many nail polishes do you have? 
    • a lot more than normal people should ever have lol - a lot of them i keep around for comparisons and nail art!  
  • can you do an in-depth polish collection? 
    • i did that once – it was 30 mins of me reading names, and that was when i had half the amount of polishes than i do now. so probably not, since it’d be a boring video lol. in theory though if you follow me here and on my blog/instagram, you’ve seen my whole collection as well as new polishes as i get them 😀 
  •  Why is everything so dusty? Why didn’t you clean? 
    • i go to school full time and work 40 hours a week. i know a lot of people have the same or more busy style life that i do, and more kudos to you if you can keep everything spotless but i don’t. i like the convenience of having it all out while i’m getting ready at 5:30 in the morning. i also figured i’d show you what it actually all looks like instead of lying to you all and pretending i’m a super duper neat freak. i used to pretend to do that (or try) and it was obvious that i wasn’t a super duper neat freak, and quite frankly, of the 10 hours i spend at home (14 hours of my day is spent either at work or school or babysitting), i spend about 5 of it sleeping, and the rest eating and doing hw. simply, i don’t have the time to keep everything spotless, i don’t have somebody do it for me, and youtube happens to be low on the priority scale in terms of my life right now. 🙂 
  • what does your desk look like when it’s clean? can you show us? 
    • when i have a day off and i can clean my desk i will – but i rarely get days off from work & school (on the same day) so maybe eventually 🙂 
  • how do you decide which nail polish to use? You have so many! I’m indecisive with my 70 nail polish!! Also, how often do you paint your nails? (notready2break asked me this) 
    • if i’m in a mood for a certain color i’ll look through my drawers to see which formula/brand/finish to use. most of the time if i’m feeling like a certain color, i’ll mentally remind myself to try out some of my more new products to test formula and such. i do vaguely know which polishes i haven’t used yet (at least once) so i do reach for those products i’ve used already. i keep track through my blog and my NOTW posts! 

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