After hearing lots and lots of praise for these products for months, I finally went out and purchased 3 of the Wet N Wild Color Icon Blushes.
I have some of their eye palettes (and also bought 3 more of the trios – those will be up soon I promise!), and am familiar with how awesome the Color Icon line of Wet N Wild products is, so I was very happy to find that I wasn’t to be disappointed with these blushes after playing with them.
What finally convinced me was Tati or GlamLifeGuru on YouTube doing a comparison of Pearlescent Pink and Nars Orgasm (one of my all time favorites and everyday go-tos). She claimed to have liked the Wet N Wild more, so I thought “for $2.99, I may as well try the blush out!”
At Rite Aid, one of the blushes was on Clearance and was 50% off (which isn’t much considering it’s only $2.99) so I decided to purchase them there. I was actually browsing to see if the new JulieG polishes were in but they weren’t. By the way, I did go to CVS after and the blush that was on Clearance at Rite Aid was NOT on Clearance at CVS.
The three colors I purchased were:

  • 831 Pearlescent Pink – this is the blush that was similar to Nars Orgasm, according to Tati. It’s a coral pink with gold shimmer. I will say that Nars’ is more pigmented, as well as slightly darker and has slightly more gold when you swatch it, but when applied they do look really similar on the cheek. The formula on this was soft but didn’t provide any fall out. It was fairly opaque after just one swipe on the back of my hand. 
  • 833 Mellow Wine – matte warm midtoned pink. I’m quite pleased with this one because I don’t have a matte pink blush this color. This is an awesome product for those on a budget that don’t like the blushes with shimmer shot through them – I know my mom isn’t crazy about blush to begin with, but shimmery blushes is something she just wouldn’t wear because she doesn’t think she’s in the age range to wear them anymore. The formula on this was pretty outstanding considering it’s $2.99 and matte. It was soft, not chalky, but had no fall out and was opaque on the back of my hand. The swatch below shows what was left on my hand and I barely touched the pan with my finger.
  • 834 Berry Shimmer – shimmery warm pink with strong red undertones and a strong gold shimmer. This product was out of this world. CRAZY opaque and soft. That swatch is again, barely touching the pan with my finger and look at it! It’s vibrant and so pretty 🙂 There was no fallout at all. I’m beyond impressed with that blush. It’s probably my favorite of the 3 I purchased, and will for sure be a color I’m going to wear often in the summer. This would also look amazing on darker skin tones because the color payoff is so opaque and the gold sheen will highlight the skin beautifully.

There’s at least one more in this line of blushes that I’m completely willing to go find and purchase since I’ve had such fantastic results from these three. At such a low price, it’s probably one of the best deals I’ve come across at the drugstore in a long, long time.
Have any of you tried these? What do you think?

Swatches below: Top Swatch – with flash, Bottom Swatch – artificial florescent light with no flash

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