Gahhhh sorry about the messy cuticle area. And the dry cuticles. 
On Instagram, one of my favorite nail art inspirations is KPandaNails. She has amazing posts. I want to try everything she does. 
This is one of the first of her manicures that I duplicated. It’s a pastel rainbow gradient with a flakey top coat.
The method I use to gradient my nails is to use a makeup sponge, paint horizontal (in this case, but vertical in others) stripes of color then dab it on to the nail. It’s super easy, but messy, so be prepared for some cleanup.
The polishes I used were mainly from the China Glaze Up & Away collection from two years ago:
  • Something Sweet – pink
  • Peachy Keen – orange
  • Lemon Fizz – yellow
  • Re-Fresh Mint – mint
  • Light As Air – purple
For a pastel blue I used one of my Pa polishes since I didn’t have a light pastel blue. That was sort of a shocker, considering I have so many polishes.
You don’t have to use the colors I used – KPandaNails used a whole different set of colors.
I started with a white base so that the colors would show up more vibrant as I sponged them on 🙂
Last, I painted a coat of Essie’s Shine of the Times flakey.
This manicure lasted about 4 days before it started to wear away and peel – it was sort of a thicker manicure because of all the color that was sponged on. 
And here’s a little spam of pics 😀 enjoy!


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