Sooooooo I found out that Revlon released four limited edition shades of their fan favorite Lip Butter and I immediately scoured the internet.
From what I gathered, they should be available at Ulta. They may be popping into Targets soon. I have no idea about drugstores.
After gathering that information, I dragged Sergio along with me and we drove an hour north to the nearest Ulta and low-and-behold there was nothing. Granted, that Ulta is always decimated. There is never anything there that I’m looking for, drugstore wise. 
Anyways, I ended up finding one out of the four colors on Ulta’s site and ordered it. I honestly only want Wild Watermelon now, but it wouldn’t hurt to have the other two, right? lol.

Sorbet is one of the four new releases. It’s a candy pink color with no shimmer. It’s almost magenta, but it’s sheerness keeps it form being overly opaque and bright.
It’s in line with all of the other Revlon Lip Butter formulas. It goes on smoothly with great color payoff for a sheer formula.
I get about 4 hours of wear from each Lip Butter before noticeable fading. It also doesn’t last that great through eating but these are easy to apply and are a no fuss lip color (I don’t have to go look in a mirror and carefully apply them like some other opaque lipsticks).
This is available on Ulta’s website for about $7.
I’m still on the hunt for the other three – I’ll let you know when I find them, probably on Instagram (yukiesano is my username – follow me 🙂 ).

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