Whenever I’m on the Ulta site I always browse through all the Nyx products to see what’s new and available, especially their lip products. Nyx has become a brand that I can experiment with, especially with color, because they’re so inexpensive. 
These I came across and was instantly curious because they were called “Butter Gloss”. With the huge lip butter trend that’s going around, I knew Nyx would release something similar and I hadn’t seen these before. I looked through the online swatches and picked two colors that I figured I’d use the most. There were a lot of pale pinks. I don’t wear pale pink as much as I wear more red toned glosses and lip colors. 
Each gloss comes with a doe foot applicator. The formula is sort of like the liquid version of the Revlon Lip Butters. They’re really more pigmented than I thought they’d be. They have a pretty good color payoff, well at least the colors I bought. They do go slightly sheer if you spread it along your lip rather than just swatch the product. With two coats you’ll get a medium coverage wash of color on the lip. 
They’re pretty much unscented – there’s a really faint sugar smell but it went away too quickly for me to discern if it was from these glosses or something that I had swatched earlier.
Nyx has 12 of these available, and they retail for $4.99 each. They’re all pastry themed names, which is cute. You can purchase them at Ulta or on their site 🙂
Here are the colors I purchased:
  • Peach Cobbler – given that they’re pastry themed, I would have thought the name would be closer to the actual food, or at least the fruit in the food but whatever. Peach Cobbler is a warm red with almost a coral tone to it. 
  • Apple Strudel – again, with the name food thing. Apple Strudel is a warm midtoned pink with a slight shimmer. What apple strudel has pink in it lol? At least I would have gone towards a red tone with “Apple” but it has nothing to do with the product lol. Apple Strudel is much less opaque than Peach Cobbler, but isn’t completely sheer. 

I don’t think I’m going to buy another one of these glosses, given that the colors are really pink favoring. I do like the ones I have though. Do any of you have these?
Peach Cobbler

Apple Strudel

2 thoughts on “Nyx Butter Gloss Swatches – 06 Peach Cobbler, 08 Apple Strudel

  1. I have apple strudel and i really like it. I am interested in getting other colors even if they are really sheer bucause I love how comfortable they feel! I agree about the names though.. Craxy nyx! lol


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