Hello hello! Here’s another OPI post for you, today showcasing the full Oz Collection by OPI for their 2013 Soft Shades. I was quite surprised that OPI decided to collaborate with the Oz film for their Soft Shades this year. Looking at the previews and the urban Decay Oz palettes, you’d think they would have done Oz for their Spring collection with tons of brights and bolds and something else for Soft Shades. They have collaborated with a couple of films in the past for the Spring, but I guess they really wanted to stick with their location themed polishes this year for Spring 2013.
The Oz collection comes with 7 polishes, 3 of your typical Soft Shade colors, then 3 glitters and 1 Liquid Sand. I guess if you think about it, it’s really quite different than other Soft Shade collections, since it comes with 3 glitters and an effect polish. I ended up loving this collection based off of swatches that I saw online, especially the combination of the glitters and the non-glitters. Then I saw the Liquid Sand polish and was completely convinced. The Liquid Sand that came in this collection is what convinced me that the Liquid Sand polishes were worth looking in to.
Each OPI polish retails for between $8 and $9 and can be purchased at Ulta, in store and online, as well as salons, beauty supply stores and individual retailers online.
Here are the colors:

  • Don’t Burst My Bubble – really pale pink. Very bridal, and I have some suspicions that this may be close to the original OPI Bubble Bath color. The new Bubble Bath is much more pink. This is just barely pink and has a slight jelly like finish to it. Since I’ve been in such a neutral mood lately, I totally fell in love with this one! There are plenty of polishes on the market like this though so you probably won’t want to get this if you have something similar. It’s going to be as opaque as you can possibly get it at 3 coats. 
  • Glints of Glinda – slightly jelly like beige color. This is very skinetone-y. Like Barbie skin. Which sounds really gross and weird as a description of a color of a polish, but I fell like it’d be awesome for those of you that can’t quite find a nude for your skintone yet. Pretty much opaque at 3 coats.
  • I Theodora You – light warm pink. It’s almost a midtoned pink. It’s on the sheer side but pretty much opaque at 3 coats. It’s also got that slight jelly like finish.
  • Lights of Emerald City – this is a clear base with white and opalescent pieces of square glitter. Square glitter! OPI! What?? They also had a chunky glitter in almost every collection this past year! I’m so proud lol. This one is definitely made for layering, as it doesn’t get fully dense and opaque in 3 coats. I feel like this would look unexpectedly neutral but jazzy layered over the 3 non-glitters in the collection. This is my favorite glitter of this collection.
  • When Monkeys Fly! – super chunky glitter in a clear base. There are really large gold pieces, that are sort of bendy. As in, they are half folded. There are also smaller pieces of holo, and holo microglitter. These glitters are a love or hate. I find that nobody is really neutral on these glitters. I personally like them and don’t find them difficult like some people do. But I can see how much of a nuisance they can be. If you don’t apply them correctly, they fold out and won’t lie flat on your nail. This was also meant to be layered over something else as it doesn’t go fully dense on the nail in 3 coats.
  • Which Witch? – very dense silver glitter. All the glitter pieces are holographic. There are medium sized hexes, small bar glitters and microglitters all mixed together to get an almost fuzzy looking holo appearance on the nail. Very cool! I could totally see somebody wearing this on it’s own since it’s much more dense than the other glitters were.
  • What Wizardry Is This? – liquid sand. It’s a patina like gold shine in a dark bronze base. It’s cool on it’s own, but is really awesome when topped with a top coat! Like the other Liquid Sand polishes I have used, it dries matte. 3 coats and it’s opaque, although you’re going to want to wait a little between each coat so it dries down. If you don’t, you may experience some dragging when applying each coat. The good news is, even with 3 coats, this polish dries really quickly so you can pretty much put it on and run out the house. That’s what I did and I got no noticeable smudging. It was great! 
Have any of you found these or are planning to purchase these? What do you think? 🙂

Don’t Burst My Bubble
Glints of Glinda
I Theodora You
Lights of Emerald City
Swatch above:

Middle column – top photo, 3 coats, unstaggered, artificial lighting. Bottom photo, 3 coats, unstaggered, with flash.

When Monkeys Fly!
Swatch above:
Middle column – top photo, 3 coats, unstaggered, artificial lighting. Bottom photo, 3 coats, unstaggered, with flash.

Which Witch
Swatch above:
Middle column – top photo, 3 coats, unstaggered, artificial lighting. Bottom photo, 3 coats, unstaggered, with flash.

What Wizardry Is This?

Swatch above:
Middle column – top photo, no top coat. Bottom photo, 3 coats, unstaggered, with top coat.
Right column – top photo, 3 coats, unstaggered, with top coat.

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