How many times does this happen – I say “I’m not getting anything from the collection.” And then this happens. Mostly it happens with nail polish. Makeup is easier for me to say no to. But for some reason, even if I don’t need it and I see pretty swatches of something, I end up caving and purchasing something. Especially if they’re a lot of hype around a product.
Enter the OPI Liquid Sand colors. Originally I was totally uninterested. I talked about this in my Zoya PixieDust post – they were sort of just something I didn’t want at all, something that wasn’t worth the time. Then people’s swatches starting coming out and they were super pretty and I just had to get them.
There is, however, a difference between these and the Milani or China Glaze textured polishes that are coming out. These and the Zoya have glitter mixed in to make them shine. The others are just flat with texture and they look cool but are not to my taste.
Along with the Liquid Sand polishes I bought I also bought one polish from Euro Centrale and one other color from the Mariah Carey collection. I splurged on the color Sprung from Mariah Carey since I saw it on a couple of people’s posts on Instagram and it looked awesome. As for the Euro Centrale collection, I was SUPER excited about it all the way until it was actually released. I then saw them in person and decided I only needed one from the collection since the rest were easily matched in my collection. I do think it’s a good collection for new collectors or people with few colors since it has quite a variety of colors, including a glitter, but I didn’t need any 🙂
Each OPI color retails for between $8 and $9. You can now purchase OPI online from Ulta’s website! OPI is also available in salons, beauty supply stores and in various suppliers online.
Here are the colors I purchased:
  • A Woman’s Prague-ative – (Euro Centrale) rich reddish orange with a lighter amber orange glass fleck shimmer. This was opaque in 2 coats. It’s super shiny after it’s dry and was easy to work with. The polish wasn’t too thick or thin so full opacity wasn’t difficult to achieve.
  • Sprung – (Mariah Carey) reddish berry color with gold and orange rust like glass fleck shimmer. This one is formula wise very similar to A Woman’s Prague-ative. It’s slightly thinner, and needed three coats, but the coats definitely didn’t add up to be thick and gooey like some polishes can get. This color would look awesome in the fall. Sometimes I feel like OPI releases more fall appropriate colors in the spring.
  • Can’t Let Go – (Mariah Carey) grape candy colored purple glitter with bigger pieces of slightly lighter purple glitter. This is one of the Liquid Sand polishes. There were 4 in total and I only purchased this one and the blue one, Get Your Number. The formula of this was great. 3 coats and you get a good coverage of the polish. You should wait a littler longer than you’d usually wait between coats of polish because the texture of this polish is much more gritty than a regular polish, obviously, so if you don’t wait you’ll get a little bit of dragging when applying new coats. Luckily, this polish dries fairly quickly and sets fairly quickly so you won’t have to wait too long after you paint your nails. The natural finish of this polish is a matted down finish, which gives you a very grainy and sugar like finish. When topped with a top coat you’ll still get the grainy texture but you’ll get a little bit more shine from the polish and a little bit more sparkle.
  • Get Your Number – (Mariah Carey) blue raspberry candy colored blue glitter with pieces of slightly larger holo glitter as well. The formula of this is the same as the purple, although this one looks a little bit more gel like on the nail after it dries. Well, as gel like as these matte drying liquid sands can look. It really does look like a candy on your nails. Love!

Photos below! Have any of you bought any of these polishes? What do you think?

A Woman’s Prague-ative


Can’t Let Go
Swatch above:
Middle column – top photo, staggered, no top coat. Bottom photo, 3 coats, unstaggered, with top coat.
Right column – top photo, 3 coats, unstaggered, with top coat.

Get Your Number
Swatch above:
Middle column – top photo, staggered, no top coat. Bottom photo, 3 coats, unstaggered, with top coat.
Right column – top photo, staggered, with no top coat.

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