I told you guys I’d post about the fourth in my post about the other three Nivea Lip Butters. I finally found the fourth in my CVS and snatched it up since it was the last in stock.
A lot of people have been asking where I found these.
The first three I found in Walgreens near all the other lip balms. They weren’t individually wrapped like this, but in a small display holding each three in rows and the balms were sealed. 
This one I found on an end display of lip balms at CVS. It holds the EOS balms and the Milk & Honey balms from Nivea at my CVS. The display only holds individually wrapped items like this one so they hang off the little display. 
You definitely have to go looking for them to find them. They’re not advertised in a display just for the Nivea Lip Butters like I thought they would be. They may be displayed like that in your area, but in mine they haven’t been in any of my drugstores.
Each of these retails for $4 each.
Each Nivea Lip Butter comes in a little flat tin. The balm is inside and reaches right up to the top of the rim. I personally hate this packaging. Since it’s so thin, there isn’t much to grip on to, and it’s really hard to get the cap off. In theory, it’s just supposed to slide off, but I can never get tins to open like this, especially when it’s so flat. I think I’m eventually going to purposely dent the side of it so I can lift the cap off easily. That’s pretty much the only negative I have for these lip butters. 
The actual formula is fairly satisfying compared to the other Nivea lip balm I have. I own a Touch of Honey lip balm they make. The balm is not as moisturizing as these lip butters, and doesn’t last as long. The lip butter formula is slightly thicker and almost feels like a cream. It’s most definitely a balm, but you can pick up some of the product versus just residue of oiliness like most balms. The balm lasts on my lips for about 4 hours and conditions my lips pretty well. 
Raspberry Rosé Kiss’ scent is much more raspberry than rose. It’s only slightly floral and much more berry. Almost candy like. I’m not the biggest fan of raspberry scents but this scent isn’t at all offensive so I don’t really mind it. 
Again, there are three other “scents” – one is unscented, there’s a caramel and a vanilla. So there’s really something for everybody 🙂

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