When Temptalia posted these on her website, I went straight to my nearest Walgreens and went searching. I couldn’t actually find these until a few months later (about last week) because my area just doesn’t get products as quickly as other areas. For whatever reason, when people tweet or post about new drugstore products, I can’t ever find them until a few weeks after they get posted about.
I finally found these, not in an individual stand like the majority of the Fergie for Wet n Wild products, but amongst just the regular Wet n Wild products. Officially I think they’re called “To Reflect Shimmer Palette”. Weird name, but oh well. 
There are 3 of these blushes available, and I bought 2. The third was a really bronzy but shimmery color that I didn’t buy because I just didn’t need it (I’m still working through 2 very similar Mac Mineralize products that are incredibly similar). 
I think these are supposed to be the Wet n Wild version of the mineralize blush. Milani has products like these as well, and they’re just in general really popular products.

Texture wise, they’re slightly grittier than the Mac Mineralize Skin Finish formula, but are still pretty soft powders. They have a lot of sheen to them, like the majority of mineralize products have. Each product comes with a variation of veining, like the other mineralize products on the market.

Each blush is pretty large – they’re about the size of my palm. 
The colors I bought were:
  • Rose Golden Goddess – bronze mixed in with a peachy rose. This one swatches much more bronze than pink, but can be used as a blush. This will probably look amazing in the summer on medium to tan skintones. 
  • Rose Champagne Glow – champagne, mixed with a pink and peach. This one swatches pretty light, like a pink champagne highlight.
Each of these retail for $5.99 and can be found at Walgreens and Drugstore.com

Rose Golden Goddess
Rose Champagne Glow

Rose Golden Goddess / Rose Champagne Glow

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