I’ve been really loving Indie Polishes lately, as you’ve all seen, and especially polishes from KB Shimmer. Just to recap, I was introduced to this brand by Radha, or ThePolishOwl on Twitter & Instagram, who is one of my good friends and always has awesome insight into up and coming indie polish makers.
Recently KB Shimmer released a new Spring collection, which had a mix of pastel polishes and jelly polishes. I really fell in love with 2 of them, all because of Valesha, or PeachyPolish posted the most amazing swatches. Seriously, if you love nail blogs, go follow hers because she takes some of the best photos. I also took the opportunity to purchase 2 of their regular line polishes as well as their top coat because I had been wishing I had ordered them since my last shipment of KB Shimmer polishes.

KB Shimmer’s Top Coat is dry fast. I’ve been wanting to try out other ones, even though I love my Seche, just to see what other options there are. I haven’t used it yet but when I do I’ll be sure to update you guys here.
The 4 colors I bought were:

  • No Whine Left – part of the regular line. This is a wine like base with purple, blue, turquoise and magenta glitter all in different sizes of hexagonal glitter. The base is actually less of a wine when swatched. It dries down a little darker than in the bottle, and looks more like a plum or prune type purple. It swatches kind of thin at 1 coat but at 2, it’s fully opaque. Formula for this was great. The polish flowed evenly onto the nail, the glitter application was dense but not difficult to work with and the glitter didn’t settle into the polish; you could still see different layers of depth in the glitter when layered.
  • Shipwreck – part of the regular line. It’s a dusty blue jelly base packed with green, gold, blue and purple pieces of hexagonal glitter, as well as pieces of very small orange glitter. The orange glitter really pulls it all together all while popping out of the rest of the polish. It’s my favorite part, actually, and makes it unique amongst other blue polishes. The base really does look like the stormy blue of the ocean just after a shipwreck. Formula wise, it layered pretty well. At three coats you get a semi-opaque blue base, but you will probably want to layer this twice over a similarly colored base to get the best use of this polish. The glitter is also best after a few coats, as it goes on sparse in just one coat.
  • Get Clover It – part of the new spring collection. Jelly emerald base with emerald green, pale gold and turquoise pieces of reflective circle glitter. Circle glitter! There’s also a green microglitter mixed in. The jelly base of this one is pretty sheer, so to get a good emerald color you’ll either have to layer it a ton, or layer it over a similarly colored base. It’d personally use it on it’s own because then the glitter reflects really beautifully through the jelly base. Formula wise, after 3 coats there was a good amount of circle glitter that got placed onto the swatch, and the polish flowed on pretty easly. I LOVE this one.
  • I Got A Crush On Blue – part of the new spring collection. Jelly blue base with a ton of reflective and holographic blue hexagonal pieces in varying sizes. In the bottle, this polish is spectacular. I love how it photographs. I love how it looks. I could stare at it all day. It looks like blue crystal. It’s gorgeous! It swatches a little lighter than the deep blue you see in the bottle. The glitter pickup was a little more difficult than the other KB Shimmer polishes I’ve tried. It seems like the big pieces of glitter just didn’t want to come out of the bottle. I eventually got it, at the third coat of polish for the swatch though. Again, I’d totally use this on it’s own, even though the base is slightly sheer just like Get Clover It, but if you’d like to amp up the blue base, using it over a similarly colored blue creme will do the trick.
Each KB Shimmer polish is $8.75 if you purchase directly from their website. If you live outside of the US you can purchase from Harlow & Co, and they retail for $9. 
No Whine Left

Get Clover It

I Got A Crush On Blue

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