I’m quite excited to share this polishes with you because I’ve been a fan of Jindie Nails for a while now and FINALLY was able to pick up a few from Llarowe. It seems they’re always sold out of things as well, which goes to show you how popular these polishes are.
Originally an Etsy seller, I was again made aware of this brand by Radha, or ThePolishOwl on Twitter and Instagram.
The three polishes I purchased were:

  • Candyland Remix – sheer white base packed with a ton of neon hex pieces and neon micro-pieces. If you saw my post of Wicked Polish’s Pox and Gangreen, then you’ll have seen this type of polish, the white base with neon pieces. Ever since I got those two polishes, I’ve been on the hunt for more because they’re SO cool and unique! The neon pieces in this polish are green, purple, yellow, orange, blue and pink. It layers pretty well. It’s got a sheer base, so the white is difficult to get fully opaque, but creates a cool look because the neon is also sort of sheer so it all sandwiches together. Awesome. The swatch below is 3 coats all the way through (not staggered). To get a good glossy shine, a top coat can be used but it isn’t completely necessary.
  • Stompin’ Gilbert Grapes – sheer white base with pieces of purple sheer hex pieces, green hex glitter, light purple hex pieces, as well as pink hex and pink micro-pieces. The combination of colors in this is quite unique and very grape vine like. This one has great glitter distribution and layered really well. There isn’t much to say about it, which isn’t bad since I like this one a lot. The picture says it all 🙂
  • Strawberry Cupcake – bubblegum pink creme base with purple, turquoise, white and magenta pieces of glitter in varying sizes. This one swatches down a little darker than in the bottle. It’s not quite as dark as the swatch, it’s sort of in-between the bottle and swatch color. This one also had fantastic glitter distribution. 

Each polish had a great formula. The base flowed on easily and layered really well. It wasn’t too thick like some glitter polish bases can be. 
Jindie Nails is available on Llarowe and retail for $10.
Candyland Remix

Stompin’ Gilbert Grapes

Strawberry Cupcake

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