I’m super excited to share these polishes with you today because they’re some of my absolute favorite indie polishes that I own. You have seen two of these polishes on my blog before, because I bought them like 3 months ago, but I recently completed the Enchanted Polish Imagine Collection (formerly The Beatles Collection) when they were restocked on Llarowe.
The Imagine Collection has a personal connection to me because my father and I bonded over the Beatles all through my childhood and right up until he passed away a year and a half ago. Basically anything Beatles is something I covet. These also happen to be Enchanted Polish’s most popular polishes, and some of the most coveted polishes they make.
Recently, Enchanted polish switched up their packaging. The two polishes Mean Mr. Mustard and Octopus’s Garden that I had purchased before are in the old packaging. The new packaging have rectangular bottles with the company’s emblem. The emblem also comes on the boxes. 
Each of these polishes are super strong multichromatic polishes sprinkled with a delicate holographic glitter.
The colors in the collection are:
  • I Am The Walrus – Orange to Red colorshift with holographic shimmer. In the bottle, there’s a rainbow like chrome shift but on the nail it’s really from an orange to a red.
  • Mean Mr. Mustard – Bright gold, to mustard to green to blue shift with holographic shimmer. The bright gold and mustard yellow is super strong and probably my favorite part of the color shift.
  • Hey Jude – pale dusty rose to green color shift with holographic shimmer. A lot of polishes that shift from pale pinks to green aren’t this strong, so this is a pleasant surprise.
  • Octopus’s Garden – royal purple to royal blue shift with a slight red tone to it as well. At certain light there’s a very bright red color shift. Very cool.
  • Magical Mystery Tour – super bright teal turquoise to blue to royal purple shift with holographic shimmer. The purple even goes as far as magenta at a certain angle.
  • Across The Universe – light blue to blue to purple shift. This is really similar to Magical Mystery Tour, just has a blue instead of turquoise shift. In photographs the color shift is much more evident than in person, but you can still tell them apart in person. At a certain angle there is also a magenta shift to this as well.

Each polish is swatched below once over black and on it’s own. The swatch on the left (in each box) is one coat over black. The swatch on the right (in each box) is 3 coats on it’s own. Further, each of the swatches are photographed under artificial light as well as under flash from my camera. The artificial light is under 2 daylight bulbs, and are the photos with the white background. The table top (brown wood) background are photographed with a flash.

At the very end of the post you’ll see a photo of the swatches at a really drastic angle – that way you’ll see another dimension of the polishes, and the magenta flash that I mention in some of the descriptions.
Each Enchanted Polish is $13 on their website, then $14 or $15 on Llarowe and Harlow & Co.
I Am The Walrus

Mean Mr. Mustard
Hey Jude

Octopus’s Garden

Magical Mystery Tour
Across The Universe

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