Nars Shadows have been on my Sephora Wishlist for two and a half years. Considering that I’m a total spontaneous shopper and hauler, I sort of feel like it’s an accomplishment that I had yet to purchase a shadow from Nars until now.
I think I was waiting for something like this though before I committed to buying a Nars shadow because they’re so expensive. A single Nars shadow is $24 and a duo is $34. Also, since Nars is one of those brands that sort of has a 50/50 success rate (some products are amazing, some are just really really crappy), that was another reason I hesitated for so long.
When I saw this on Temptalia, I immediately went over to Sephora and purchased one with little to no research because it had 4 shadows that I had been wanting to try for a long time.
The palette comes with 6 eyeshadows, a mini of their Smudgeproof primer and a travel size of one of their brushes.
The 6 shadows are:
  • Alhambra – golden champagne. This was part of a duo, and Nars actually doesn’t specify which in the duo is Alhambra. Or perhaps this is a color in between both of the colors in the duo? I don’t know. But “golden champagne” is one of the descriptions Nars provides with the duo. It’s definitely a warm light highlight shade with decent color payoff. It’s pretty frosty. It’s sort of like Cover Girl’s Champagne when swatched.
  • Bellisima – gray brown. Again, I’m just guessing at which one in the duo Nars considers as “Bellisima”. This is a mauve toned brown color. There’s a color in the Naked 2 palette by Urban Decay that’s similar. It swatches a little cooler than in the pan. This would make a good crease color or best friend color. It wasn’t that bad for a matte shadow, slightly on the dry side but still applied with a good amount of pigmentation.
  • Kalahari – bronze pearl. Another duo, another guess. This one is definitely very bronzy and would look great for blue eyes. It reminds me a lot of what Jennifer Lawrence has been wearing recently on the red carpet. Sometimes she goes more gold (like her hair) but sometimes she leans on bronzy colors. This one was slightly sheer but still had decent color payoff.
  • Galapagos – rich bronze with gold flecks. This was one of my favorites of the group, and one of the ones I had been wanting to try for a while. The warm brown with gold flecks is pretty flattering on me. It applied with a little fallout, but the glitter showed through and the pigmentation was good.
  • Coconut Grove – matte deep taupe brown. Another that I had been wanting to try for a while. Unfortunately, I don’t think this version is quite as good as their regular single eye shadows. I think their regular shadow swatches really really bold and strong and this was a little on the dry side. It wasn’t terrible, but you can see where the swatch came out a little patchy. It is a good color for eyebrows though, or for lining the eyes. Just expect to have to work with it a little more patiently if you use it as an actual shadow color. Fortunately, I did want Coconut Grove for the purpose of filling in my brows and lining my eyes, which is why I never bought the full size because it wasn’t worth the $24 for just those two reasons.
  • Night Clubbing – black with gold pearls. This one looks dark green in the pan and when swatched but if you look closer it is most definitely a black with gold shimmer. It swatched amazingly and is the most opaque and easiest shadow to work with. It does fall down a little but if you apply concealer after, you’ll be fine.
The brush it comes with, #3 Eye Shader Brush, is a soft, fairly dense and large applicating brush. Because of it’s size, it almost functions better as a blending brush. I actually quite like it. I never expect travel sized brushes or brushes that come in palettes to be of any use because they’re typically pretty bad. But his one feels very nice, the handle is weighted and feels expensive, and it applies color pretty nicely. I used it just to run a color over my lid really quickly because when layed flat it pretty much covered my lid entirely. It blended colors really well too so I can see this being a brush that I use quite a lot in the future because of it’s convenient size.
Overall, I feel like this would be a great palette to travel with because of the 3 neutral tones, the highlight and the 2 dark tones. Coconut Grove would be used for eyebrows and lining. And since when I travel I spend little to no time on makeup, I don’t need to carry around a different palette with way more shadows like the Naked Palette. The size of the palette is pretty much the size of my palm so it also saves space. Each shadow in the palette is about half the size of a regular single shadow from Nars.

This palette retails for $59 and is available exclusively at Sephora.
Keep reading for more photos and swatches!

From the Sephora website:

What it is: 

An eye shadow kit with six sultry shades, a travel-size Eye Shader Brush, and a medium Pro-Prime Smudgeproof Eyeshadow Base. 

What it does: 

Captivating and compelling, this palette of six shimmering shadows shows off your sultry side. Created exclusively for Sephora, this sleek, travel-ready set also includes a mini Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base and Eye Shader Brush.  

This set contains: 

– 6 x 0.03 oz Eye Shades in Alhambra, Bellisima, Kalahari, Galapagos, Coconut Grove, Night Clubbing– 0.09 oz Pro-Prime™ Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base– #3 Eyeshadow Brush

Alhambra, Bellisima, Kalahari
Galapagos, Coconut Grove, Night Clubbing
#3 Eye Shader Brush

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