It’s time to play catch-up with all the NOTW posts again! I’ve yet again accumulated a ton of pictures of what I wore over the past few months so I’m back to spamming you all with that.
If you want a more time appropriate knowledge of what I wear on my nails, you can follow me on Instagram. I pretty much always photograph and upload after I get something in the mail, or when I paint my nails. My username is yukiesano 🙂
Today I have OPI’s Grape Set Match. This was part of the OPI duos that they collaborated with Serena Williams on. That was a weird sentence.
Although this was limited edition, you can definitely find it on Amazon for incredibly reasonable prices.
Grape Set Match was paired with a chunky holo glitter. This is a royal purple glass fleck shimmer. It’s got pieces of purple and blue reflective pieces and are very very sparkly. What I have is 3 coats which were fairly thin since the formula was fairly thin.
Purples like this always remind me that I love wearing purple. They’re dark without being too dark, colorful without being too outrageous and I feel like they look really nice against my skintone.
The photo above is a little on the warm side but shoes what shade of purple (as in light or dark) it is. The photo below shows the tone (red or blue spectrum) more accurately, and also shows the blue flash.
I wore this for about 3 days before removing it, but it seemed like it was going to wear pretty well since I had no chipping or damage when I removed the color.

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