I have another permanent swatch for you this morning – just as a reminder I’ve started tagging everything that’s permanent (regardless of brand) with “Permanent Swatches” so that it’s easy for both you guys and for me to keep track of permanent things.
Maybelline has a full line of lip products, from glosses to lipsticks with multiple formulas for each. These products are the most basic of their line, which is tinted lip balms.
I think these were first released some time last year, either in the spring or summer. They were released right after the Revlon Lip Butters. At first I thought they were supposed to be similar to those so I didn’t buy them. It took me this long to finally try them because I guess I finally paid enough attention to them to realize they were tinted lip balms lol. 
There are 5 in their permanent line, I know 2 are very very very sheer, basically transparent. The other 3 are colored, but are also very very very sheer. For whatever reason I decided to only buy 2 of the colored ones, but I know I’m going to go get the third because it’s a red tone, and you know I love my reds lol.
The two that I bought were:
  • 20 Grape Vine – smells like grape candy and tints your lips a sheer grape candy color. This really isn’t all that pigmented, but will give your lips a little bit more depth and sort of a stain. 
  • 25 Pink Punch – smells like a mixed fruit candy and tints your lips a sheer bright warm pink. This was more pigmented than Grape Vine. I think it’s because it’s much more bright than Grape Vine.
I think my favorite part about these is that they come completely sealed. More lip products need to come sealed. Not necessarily like this, but just… sealed lol. 
Next, they remind me a lot of the Lip Smackers chapsticks, especially the ones that were soda flavored. Grape Vine reminds me SO much of the grape soda Lip Smackers that I wore pretty much everyday in 7th and 8th grade. 
Use wise, they do moisturize but not 8 hours as it says on the packaging. I get a good 4 hours out of them. Color wise, they do settle and deepen in color but I wish they were just a tad more pigmented, like the Fresh Lip Balms. Yes, the $20 difference in price is there for a reason, but I just wish they showed a little bit more on the lips. They’re not bad colors or products though, and since they’re so inexpensive, I like that I can use these everyday, not worry about them, throw them in a purse, and not really be heartbroken if they get lost.
Again, I totally intend to go get the red one, and hopefully I’ll find that one to be a little better in the color payoff.
These retail for about $3.50 which is nice considering they’re really just a lip balm. You can purchase these at all drugstores.

20 Grape Vine

25 Pink Punch
Grape Vine / Pink Punch

2 thoughts on “Maybelline Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Balm Swatches – Grape Vine & Pink Punch

  1. I am a Graphic designer who has been live Bangladesh and used Lip Balm for many year. It's protect our lip. It's quality is a very nice. But it's price is very cheap.Not only is it perfectly suited for your own lips, it makes for a wonderful gift as well.


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