This is the last post I have for you from my massive haul of nail polishes. 
Spectrum Cosmetics is another brand I came across while browsing Etsy. Here is a link to their store.
While browsing other polishes, the black with holo pieces above showed up and I said “whoa” out loud because it was so deep and black but the holo was so bright. I totally forgot what I was doing, clicked the link and all of a sudden I had bought 3 new polishes.
Each polish retails for $8 currently at their Etsy store. 
In my swatches for all of these polishes, I have 1 coat on my index, 2 on my middle and 3 on my ring and pinky fingers.
Dark Matter
Dark Matter is the polish that first got me to get to their store, as I mentioned above. 
It’s a very deep, very black base with scattered pieces of holographic microglitter. It literally looks like magic in a bottle. 
At one coat it’s pretty sheer, but it builds to a very opaque and true black polish. The finish is slightly matte, but with a top coat it comes alive. 
What I love about this polish is that the holo pieces don’t disappear in the black polish, which is a problem with a lot of black polishes that have microglitter in them. 

Sour Grapes
Sour Grapes is a super bright purple to green duochrome polish. The only other purple to green duochrome polish is Zoya’s Adina. I love that polish, but this totally beats it out in all competitions.
The green is much brighter, and the purple base is more of a royal purple. 
It’s opaque in 3 coats, and is really even more gorgeous in person that in photos. (Ps, I love how photogenic this polish is).

Vega is a turquoise base with a brighter turquoise shimmer and pieces of holographic microglitter, the same as you see in Dark Matter.
This one I totally bought because of my love for turquoise polishes. No, it’s not the most unique polish, but it really is quite beautiful, and again, the holo pieces don’t disappear into the polish.
It’s opaque in 3 coats. 

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