Northern Star Polishes are another brand that you can find on Etsy. Here is a link to their store.
I pretty much just found this brand by searching Nail Polish and the red glitter popped up on the search results. I was really intrigued by the red and black glitter because it was a matte glitter very similar to Floam, so I went perusing through her store and found a few more that I wanted to try out.
There’s also some new Valentine’s themed polishes and really cool glitters available to purchase so I’m definitely going to go back and try out some more of the polishes.
Currently, the 9mL bottles retail for $6 and the 15mL for $9.

Lenore is a clear base with a lot of blue-toned purple pieces of glitter, gold, silver and black as well. The color of the purple is what really caught my eye because it’s right in between a royal blue and royal purple. It’s not a color I see very often, as a lot of purple glitters tend to lean on the brighter, more warm toned purples so I pretty immediately put this into my cart.
I also like the accents of gold that pop out. It’s very celestial, which is a theme that I’ve been really waiting for in the nail polish realm, and I’m happy to have found a brand that actually is originally based off of that.

Kaleidescope is pretty perfectly named because it’s literally the particles that I would see in an actual kaleidescope in a nail polish.
This is a clear base with matte blue glitter, holo microglitter, as well as pops of red, yellow, green and silver pieces. 
My swatch above is one coat on my index, two on my middle and three on my ring and pinky fingers.
The formula was really easy to work with and I can’t wait to play with this one on different combinations of polishes underneath it.

Ligeia is the polish that I first saw that totally sucked me into the store lol. This is a clear base with a red and black matte glitter, and bigger pieces of red and black glitter. 
The polish Floam is what sparked my love of matte glitters, and I’m totally in love with this red and black matte glitter.
With just one coat, it does come out pretty dense so I feel like two or three coats would get a really nice, dense and opaque look of red and black glitter on the nail.

Sunburst is a clear base with lots of very bright, reflective gold glitter. This one had a thicker base so it was slightly harder to get a lot of glitter on the nail, but I think with glitter pieces this big it isn’t necessary to get a full dense look of gold glitter.
I love how reflective the gold glitter is though, and the mix of holo glitters make it even more bright.

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