Here’s another brand that I was turned on to by Radha. She started raving about them months ago, as well as other people on Twitter and Instagram.
Then, Eshani, or TotalMakeupJunkie101 also bought some and started to rave about them.
I have previously bought one KB Shimmer polish when I ordered from Harlow & Co. It was awesome and I lusted over a bunch of their other polishes so I finally cracked and bought six more.
You can purchase KB Shimmer from their website if you’re in the US or from Harlow & Co, since they ship internationally.
KB Shimmer also sells different types of cosmetics, like bath products and lip products. I haven’t heard anything about those but maybe I’ll try them out in the future.
Each polish retails for $8.75 on their site.

In my swatches for all of these polishes, I have 1 coat on my index, 2 on my middle and 3 on my ring and pinky fingers.
Clown Puke
Clown Puke is a super bright confetti style glitter in a clear base. 
This one is crazy bright and crazy dense. It’s AMAZING. Look at how much glitter you get at 1 coat, then it’s pretty much perfect in 2 coats.
The base for this was perfection – it wasn’t thick at all, and it glided on smoothly. The glitter sits in the base really well and doesn’t sink or drag. 
After posting a picture of this on my Instagram (yukiesano) I got so many “WHAT IS THAT?” comments, and a few people have actually bought it since then and have loved it so I think it generally gets a fantastic response from people.

Don’t Teal Anyone
Don’t Teal Anyone is a semi-sheer teal jelly base. In it is a bunch of yellow, navy blue, teal and magenta glitter. 
I bought this sort of on a whim, hoping that I’d love it. I was unsure of it because of the combination of glitter inside of it but after swatching it and looking at it in person, I absolutely love it.
When layered you get a good jelly sandwich like effect because of it’s base. 

Hex Appeal
Hex Appeal surprisingly ended up being my favorite of the six that I bought. It’s a navy blue base with magenta, turquoise and silver pieces of glitter. 
It’s pretty much opaque in 2 to 3 coats, depending on the thickness of the coats you use. 
The color combination totally reminds me of when I was 10 or 11 when everything that was made (specifically at Limited Too) was this color combination. It’s so pop-music like and idk. I love the way it looks. 
This one also has a similar color base that is slightly sheer, so there is a slight jelly sandwich like effect on the nails as well.

Oh Splat!
Oh Splat! (and the next one) was one of the polishes both Radha and Eshani raved about and posted pictures of on Instagram. It looked amazing on both of them (and they have pretty different skintones) so I immediately put it in my cart and was super excited to open it up and play with it.

This one is a white base with a bunch of glitter mixed in that are various sizes and rainbow colored. It reminds me of clowns or fun-fetti cake.
The base isn’t semi-sheer but is more of a creme finish. The white base isn’t completely opaque though so when layered you still get the color of the glitter poking through the white.

Toucan Touch This

Toucan Touch This is a lime green base with orange, turquoise, yellow and red glitter mixed in. It’s got the perfect name and is the best rainforest-y tropical bird or tropical drink type color combination.
The base color is one of my favorite greens so I was super happy to find a polish in this shade. The glitter makes it even better 😀
I think colors like this look amazing against darker skin tones, since the colors really pop. It looks gorgeous on Radha and Eshani!

Proud Peacock
Proud Peacock is a semi-sheer turquoise base with blue, magenta, turquoise, silver and black glitter. 
As you can probably tell, this is one of my absolute favorite colors with, so I absolutely love it! I wore this to a Sharks game and it was pretty perfect because of the turquoise and black combo. 
When layered, there’s again that semi-jelly sandwich effect.

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