First off, I hope you guys enjoy the updates I’ve done to my blog. I switched over to an actual domain name – – and also am in the process of starting to update the look as well! I’m excited for the slow but sure process of changing things around a little bit, and really hope all of you are as well.
If anybody here follows me on Instagram (yukiesano) you’ll know that recently I’ve acquired a good amount of new indie polishes. 
Today, I’m going to show you the products I was most excited to get, and that would be some Lynnderella polishes.
Lynnderella, at least in my opinion, was the first big indie polish maker. Her polishes are a huge deal because I think they were the first to really become super popular and for creating the chunky glitter indie polish trend. 
Of course, there was all that business that happened with Llarowe, which I know nothing about, and a lot of people chose “sides” when it came to Lynnderella, but personally I don’t really care. Again, I don’t know what the whole story was and I love nail polish. 
I finally bought a bunch of Lynnderella polishes because Radha and The Lacquer Lover on Instagram kept posting photos of them AND kept tweeting about it, so I caved. I ended up buying 15 (which I know is a lot, don’t worry) – Attitude Adjust-Mint, Angel Food, Change., Evermore,  Connect The Dots, Forget You Not, Ice The Snowcake, Love Lace and Lilacs, Love Potion No. 99.9, Nosegay, Salad Days, The Present Is A Gift, Undead Red, The Stars In Her Eyes, and Witch Cauldron Was It?.
Currently you can purchase Lynnderella polishes from their eBay store, which you can get to here. Each Lynn polish is between $22.50 and $23.50.

Attitude Adjust-Mint
Attitude Adjust-Mint was the first Lynn polish I chose to wear out. It’s a shimmery mint green base that’s very sheer with a ton of opalescent pieces of glitter. It’s also got some more opaque shiny pieces of green glitter mixed in.
To get the full effect of the polish I highly recommend layering this over something dark, as the shimmer will really pop.

The swatch above shows two coats over all the nails. As you can see, at two coats, it does start to get overly chunky so I’d suggest doing one good coat if you’re going to layer it over a different polish. Two coats of this polish just on my bare nails didn’t thicken up the layers too much.

Angel Food
Angel Food is a light pink sheer shimmer base with a ton of magenta microglitter, then pieces of opalescent glitter, then pieces of hexagonal and square sheer white glitter. It’s not exactly white glitter – almost like a pearly white. 
This one, also, pops when layered over something dark, but if you layer it over white, you get a better sense of it’s base color than Attitude Adjust-Mint did over white. 
I’d totally wear this on it’s own though as a soft pink nail with a lot of soft glitter for something girly and glitzy but not super understated.

Change. is one of the polishes that Radha pretty much screamed at me (through the internet) as one that I had to purchase. 
This is a shimmery gold base with lots of chunky gold, red, green, and holo glitter pieces of varying sizes and shapes. There’s also orange in there as well. It all reflects off of each other to make this crazy cool gilded holiday gold jumble on the nail. Love!

Connect The Dots.
When people think Lynnderella, I think this is the one that people think of the most. 
Connect the Dots. is responsible for the mass duplication of black and white glitter polishes from all sorts of brands, both indie and mainstream. 
Lynnderella’s (the original) is a mix of black and white pieces of glitter in various sizes and shapes. There is also a slight transparent shimmer in the base. When I say transparent, it’s like that craft glitter that looks clear but is just super super shiny. That extra kick of shimmer makes this so much more unique compared to all of the other black and white glitters I have seen.
I love me some Edgar Allan Poe. Evermore was part of this past year’s Halloween collection (I think? maybe it was last year). This is an almost clear base (it’s like a really sheer gray) with a tone of red, pink, blue, green and purple microglitter. Mixed in are pieces of black which come in hearts, squares, diamonds and hexagons. 

Forget You Not

Forget You Not is a sheer base with a violet-pink shimmer. The base is almost a Forget Me Not blue, but just slightly grayer.
The glitter pieces are Forget me Not Blue and are pretty densely packed in.
Of all the polishes, this is the one that I had a little trouble applying because the glitter tended to stick together in clumps. Sort of like how the flowers grow, now that I think of it, but I don’t think that was intentional.
It was hard to get a good, even coat of glitter, without dragging, and it was surprising considering all the other polishes weren’t like that.

Ice The Snowcake

Ice The Snowcake is a clear base with a ton of reflective transparent glitter, like any of the Mac Reflects glitters. There are also pieces of white glitter to give it a snow and ice effect on the nail.
This one really comes alive over a dark base because the reflective pieces of glitter pop really nicely. It looks ok on it’s own, but the white glitter is a little on the sparse side so I highly recommend putting it over something dark.

Love, Lace and Lilacs
This one is pretty similar to Ice The Snowcake, except that it’s just got the clear glitter instead of the glitter base that Ice The Snowcake had.
I think over sheer and light colors, Love, Lace and Lilaces would look really delicate and beautiful. 

Love Potion No 99.9

This is another old favorite by Lynnderella. She’s made a lot of variations on this polish – it’s been around for a while.
Love Potion No 99.9 is a sheer purple base with red and purple microglitters, as well as bigger pieces of purple glitter. I love this shade of purple, especially in glitter form, so I can’t wait to wear this and play with it over different colored bases.

Nosegay is a milky pastel purple base, similar to Essie’s Lilacism, just not as opaque. It’s go lavender and purple piecs of glitter mixed in. It’s milky base definitely makes it not great over dark polishes, even though there is a blue microshimmer mixed into the base.
This one I definitely think has to be layered over a light purple to get the best look.

Salad Days
After Change. Radha said I had to get this one. She posted this on Instagram and I had to buy it. 
Salad Days is a clear base with lots of different sized emerald green glitters. Mixed in are orange bar glitters, as well as yellow, red, magenta and purple pieces of glitter. It really does look like a fresh salad.  The orange bar glitters really make this polish, I think.
The Present is a Gift.

This one is a clear base with pale pink, pale yellow, black and turquoise pieces of glitter. There are is also pink microshimmer in the base.
I didn’t think I’d like the combination of colors in this one, but when I looked up swatches, and then finally had it in person, I was pleasantly surprised at how well they worked together. I think the black pieces tie it all together, and make it into a combination that I’d wear a lot – especially to Sharks games.
The glitter in this one was slightly less dense than the other Lynn glitters I bought that came in a clear base.

UnDead Red
UnDead Red is a sheer red base with red microglitter, red chunky glitter and pieces of pink and purple. 
A few years back, it seems like every company did a chunky red glitter during the holidays but those were all just pieces of red and silver glitter in a clear base.
This one, having a sheer red base and multiple different sized and shaped glitters, is like those x1000. It layers pretty well – opaque in three coats – and was really easy to layer and use.

The Stars in Her Eyes…

For the longest time I’ve been searching for a good star glitter. Most of the time, the stars are big, and there aren’t that many of them in the polish so it’s hard to get them out and you have to purposely fish them out and place them on your nails.
The Stars in Her Eyes… is amazing because there are about a million stars in the polish, they’re smaller, and the base is nice and thin so even if you layer the polish it doesn’t get too thick.
Pretty much every time I pulled the brush out of the bottle, there was always a few stars on the brush.
The base is clear with micro holo glitter, and larger pieces of silver holo glitter.

Witch Cauldron Was It?

Witch Cauldron Was It? is pretty much the only orange glitter that is readily available from Lynnderella. Which is why I bought it – I really wanted a good orange glitter.
This is a clear base with orange microglitter, orange pieces of square, hexagonal and bar glitter, then orange, red, purple, and yellow glitter mixed in.
Obviously, this would be perfect for Halloween, but also I think for anybody that wants and orange glitter for sports, or if it’s their favorite color or whatever, it’s definitely a color that’s worth checking out.

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