This post, as well as a few coming up, will contain polishes that you can purchase on Etsy.
Etsy is an awesome place to find new handmade polishes that may not be as popular as other indie polishes. You can basically just search “nail polish” and a ton of things come up.
I specifically searched for Black Cat Lacquer because I came across some of them in Instagram as well as on MissHollyBerries‘ blog.
Each polish sells for $9 and there’s a whole variety of glitter polishes that have cool themes and color combinations. Check out their store here!

In my swatches for all of these polishes, I have 1 coat on my index, 2 on my middle and 3 on my ring and pinky fingers.
Bloody Kisses
Bloody Kisses is a black jelly base with red and magenta glitter. The base is definitely on the translucent side and behaves very much so. It’s a little thick and 2 coats is more than enough polish to get the desired jelly finish. If you want it to be completely opaque, I suggest layering it over a black.
Let Them Eat Cake
Let Them Eat Cake is a clear base with white microglitter, and pastel pieces of blue, pale yellow-green and pink glitter. 
I saw this first on MissHollyBerries‘ blog, back in August, and kept it in the back of my mind all this time.
The thing that I love most about this is that it’s a pastel mix of glitters, versus what you normally see which is bright and bold colors. It’s definitely very unique amongst all the glitter top coats I own.
Six Feet Under
Six Feet Under is a semi-sheer gray base with pearl like white glitter pieces, and chunks of black pieces. There’s also pearl like white microglitter in the polish.
I first off, love the name of this polish. Second, I don’t have very many gray polishes, so I’m happy to have purchased this one. I like that even though it’s a chunky glitter it’s still bold but understated at the same time. The gray base keeps it from being too over the top for a glitter.
Paranormal is a super super super glow in the dark polish with opalescent pieces of square glitter and microglitter.
On it’s own it has that very faint green colored base that your standard glow in the dark polish has. The opalescent glitters work very well with it and look delicate and jewel like on your nails, so really, it’s quite a pretty look just on it’s own.
When charged up with some light though this polish is the MOST glowy polish that I have. 
Below is a photo of the polish charged up, just for like 5 seconds in front of a light bulb, and that’s in just the light of my bedroom. You can see it has that radioactive green glow and is very bright.
You can wear this on it’s own, with just a sheer look of opalescent glitter but it layers over polishes nicely since there isn’t that much of a cast that is left from the glow in the dark particles in the polish.

I think this is the favorite of the bunch for me. Peacocky is a clear base with very bright teal, magenta, purple and silver glitter. There are also pieces of teal microglitter.
Not only does the bottle photograph really well (lol) it layers pretty well. It doesn’t get too thick if you put three coats of the glitter on your nails. I do suggest 2 coats so you can see whatever color you have underneath peaking through.

Death Becomes Her

Just as a contextual note, I’m currently marathoning Sabrina The Teenage Witch on Hulu, so all these death related names are sort of apropos.
Death Becomes Her is a clear base with warm purple microglitter, then bigger pieces of warm purple diamonds, green and black hex pieces and a blue-toned purple square variety of glitter. There are also green moons.
This totally reminds me of Batman, The Joker and Catwoman, and not the movie versions, but the graphic novel versions. I love that they’re not super reflective glitters but more matte type glitters.

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