During Christmas time, Sara kindly sent me a massive box of goodies, and this was tucked inside. 
Because of the cold weather and intensive use of indoor heating, my skin and lips have been pretty dry recently so I was really actually considering going to Lush and purchasing one of the lip scrubs. Luckily before I went, I received this and I could NOT be more happy with how my lips have been since I’ve started using this.
Lush’s Popcorn Lip Scrub is an all natural sugar scrub that exfoliates your lips. It really just is a little jar, filled with sugar, and tastes like Caramel Corn. 
It’s suggested that you moisturize your lips (with a balm or something) first, let that set, then slough away all the dead skin by exfoliating just a bit of this onto your lips. Then, you can eat away the extra. I normally just wipe it away, because I feel like that’s weird, to eat away the exfoliated dead skin from your lips.
I use just about a half-pea sized amount for my lips every night, and my lips have been in great condition for about the month I’ve been using it. It’s helped lipstick go on smoother, and just has made my lips feel softer.
These are available at all Lush stores and retails for $9.95. 
In terms of how it fairs to other lip scrubs? I can’t really tell you because I don’t have any other lip scrubs. I had a sample of the Laura Geller one lik 3 years ago, and that worked great, but I only used it once. 
Once I go through this one I’ll probably purchase it again since it’s been working so awesomely for me 🙂 I do want to try the Sara Happ lip scrub but it’s $24 so I’m not ready to commit to that one since this one is perfectly fine for me.

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