Jesse’s Girl isn’t a line that I purchase a lot from (other than their loose pigments) because they’re exclusively sold at Rite Aid, and I don’t go to Rite Aid as much as CVS, Target or Walgreens. 
I love their loose pigments, but have already purchased the majority of them. I have a few of their polishes as well, but other than that I really haven’t explored much of their brand. 
These were a new product out in the new displays section at Rite Aid and I was immediately sucked in because I’m on such a lip product kick right now. 
Those of you that have looked through my recent posts may be asking “why do you need so many red/bold lip colors?”. It’s because I’m always on the search for the next best bold lip product, ever since the Chanel Dragon was discontinued. I’ve found some really good products that I really do like, but I continue to search and purchase and test out new products because I also really like sporting the bold lip. It’s also not much of a loss for me if I buy some from the drugstore that are super inexpensive and then I don’t like them. And if I do like them, I consider it a huge victory lol.
So, here I am, showing you something new to my bold lip color collection.
There weren’t other colors in the display that I saw aside from this pink and red that I purchased.
The red is called Scarlet Fever. This is a darker blue toned red. It applies a very deep, bloody red and I love the color of it. The formula is thick and pretty sticky. It’s scented pretty heavily in that generic drugstore scent. Both of the brushes for these glosses came like that, but I’m pretty sure they were manufactured like that since the ones I bought were obviously not touched (there was no sign of use on the wand above the brush or in the neck of the tube). 
The pink is called Razzle Dazzle, and it’s a midtoned blue based pink color. In the tube there’s a slight blue shimmer but it doesn’t come out at all when you swatch it.
I believe these were about $5 each at Rite Aid. The photo of the swatches below was taken about 15 to 20 minutes after I swatched them and you can see the color starting to bleed a little bit into the lines of my hand. I don’t know what that means in terms of wear of the product, but I will let you know as soon as I wear these out and test them.

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