Typically, Physicians Formula isn’t a brand I buy things from at the drugstore because it’s so expen$$$ive for a drugstore brand. Like… come on. $14 for a blush? Really? I’d rather spend the extra $5 and go to Mac or Sephora. But, when they have the very occasional sale, I do go and browse to see what new and intriguing things they have.
Recently I had a lot of good coupons at CVS, and Physicians Formula was on sale (at least in my store) so I picked up some of their new items, which coincidentally came built in with an instant $3 off coupon as well. It’s like… really, you’re going to include an instant $3 off on these products as if you know you’re way overpriced? Whatever.
Anyways, Physicians Formula just released a new line of Sexy Booster products as well as BB products. In the Sexy Booster line there were bronzers, blushes, lip glosses and possibly some other products. I don’t remember. I went looking for the lip glosses because GlamLifeGuru posted a video and they looked really nice and she said she really liked them.
The Sexy Booster Sexy Glow Glossy Stains come in two colors, Hot Pink and Red. The entire line comes packaged in red glossy packaging, with a ribbon and a stiletto charm.
Each gloss comes with a doe foot applicator. 
Hot Pink isn’t quite a hot pink, but more of a magenta pink color. It’s got blue undertones, and definitely settles down darker than what it looks like in the tube.
Red is a slightly more orange toned red than a true red. I personally prefer blue toned reds but it also settles down slightly darker than the color in the tube. 
The formula was pretty smooth and was very pigmented. The glosses dry down to a semi-matte finish so they don’t really stay that glossy, at least not at one coat. 
I’ll have a more comprehensive review up when I wear them out.
The Sexy Booster Sexy Glow Blush comes in two colors as well (as does the bronzer).
Each blush comes in boxed packaging that opens up like a little book. The top has a clear window to see the color. The packaging is coherent with the glosses and also has the little charm and red and black theme.
The back opens up with a mirror and a brush (photo at the end of this post).
Of the two colors available, I bought the color Natural. The other color is more pink.
Natural is a coral pink, and reminds me a lot of the ELF coral blush. It’s fairly soft and blends out pretty easily. It’s not the most pigmented blush (like Nars) but isn’t chalky either. There’s also a fair amount of shimmer so if you don’t like those type of blushes, I’d steer clear. I personally do like my blush to have a little bit of a sheen. 
I know all of these products are available at CVS, but I haven’t been to other drugstores since so I’m not sure if they’ve been released everywhere yet.
Again, I got these for a really discounted price but I believe the blushes are regularly between $11 and $14 and the lip glosses are between $10 and $11.

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