I recently picked up a ton of Nyx things from Ulta. Nyx is another brand I don’t have that many products from, mostly because for a while it was SO hyped up that I sort of wanted to steer clear from it. Now that the hype has sort of died down, I thought it was finally time to try some things out. In a lot of other cases, yes I’ve bought things just because of the hype (Mac, for example) but for whatever reason, I just really wanted to see how long I would actually want things from Nyx, instead of it all being about hype.
First thing is the Nyx Xtreme Lip Cream. This is their version of a liquid lipstick. It’s a pretty smooth formula, and felt very lightweight while swatching. It was opaque though. The color I bought is 03 Spicy. 
Spicy is an orange toned red. 
These retail for about $4. 
Next I bought three more of the Mega Shine Lip Glosses.
I previously have bought one of them, and I didn’t love it at first, but as I’ve gotten to using it more often I started liking them much more.
Thus, I bought more colors.
These glosses are on the thinner side. They’re not too sticky. They almost feel balmy on the lips. They give a good amount of color though, so they’re not completely sheer. The glosses smell like candy – like Sweet Tarts? I can’t pinpoint it but they’ve definitely got a very sugary scent to them. 
The three colors I bought were Beige, La La and Sugarpie.
Beige / La La / Sugarpie
  • Beige – not actually a beige at all, but a slightly mauve toned pink. No shimmer.
  • La La – brighter warm toned pink. There’s a bit of shimmer in there.
  • Sugarpie – light beigey nude. Slight shimmer. It’s similar in color to Sweetheart, but not as frosty.
These glosses are nice color wise because you can dab them on and buff them in and you’ll get a slight tint of color but you can also layer them on to be pretty opaque.
I think these retail for about $3 each.

Beige / La La / Sugarpie

    Next I have five of the Round Lipsticks to show you.
    The Round Lipsticks are the product I’ve heard the most about. I’ve heard about how pigmented and easy to wear they are so I picked up five colors that range from neutral to more bold shades.
    • Snow White – deep blue based red. Very rich, and has the perfect name!
    • Louisiana – bright pink creme. It’s not neon but definitely has a very bold pink base. It’s a warm toned base.
    • Femme – orange toned coral. This is going to be amazing in the summer, I think. I’m trying to get more comfortable wearing orange toned things. This one swatched slightly less opaque than the other lipsticks.
    • Tea Rose – the same color as the blush in the Nyx Line. This is a dusty cool rose color.
    • Fig – warmer than Tea Rose, but very similar in color. This one was one of the more opaque lipsticks of the bunch. 

    Snow White
    Tea Rose
    Snow White / Louisiana / Femme / Tea Rose / Fig
    The last thing I have to show you is the Lipliner Pencil in Cabaret.
    I also have one of these and I quite like the formula of these lipliners so I decided to get a darker one in case I wanted to do a dark lip.
    These retail for about $3. 
    The Nyx Lipliners are a medium hard pencil. They’re not too waxy so they glide on, but they don’t bleed very easily like a softer pencil would. 
    Cabaret is a perfect wine color. I’d not just use this on dark lipstick colors, but I’d also wear this under a red lipstick to deepen the color a bit.

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