I know it’s the middle of winter but I was in the mood for something super bright and super happy so I decided to try out ombre-ing my nails, and going rainbow neon with them.
The technique I used was using a makeup sponge and painting directly onto it then sponging onto my nails. There are other techniques for ombre but I figured this may be one of the easier techniques. Most people do two colors per nail, but I decided to use three.
What I did was paint three vertical lines of color (the colors that I wanted to blend together) onto a makeup sponge and then just used it like a stamp and sponged directly onto the nail. It took about three different “coats” (or spongings) onto the nail in order for it to be this vibrant. By sponging multiple times onto the nail, it also blends the color more.
Now for the colors that I used! I painted my nails with two coats of OPI Alpine Snow, which is just a white creme, just to get the neon to be as vibrant as possible.
For the neons I used (in rainbow order, from thumb to pinkie): 
  • China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy
  • Color Club Lava Lamp
  • Wet N Wild Pin Em Slater
  • Color Club Rebel Debutante
  • Color Club Edie
  • Color Club Chelsea Girl
  • Color Club Pucci-licious
  • Wet N Wild Fashionista Lisa
  • Color Club Warhol
The colors I used are basically my favorite of the neons I own.
Over the top of that I used Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat.
After a few days, I decided to update it a little bit because I had just watched CutePolish’s new tutorial. She basically recreated the OPI Spotted polish by using hand sanitizer and water. I’ve included the tutorial at the end of this post – it’s super cool and was very easy to do!

natural light

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