I have more new things from the drugstore for you today – about 2 weeks ago I posted a video of all the new drugstore lip products that I had purchased, and since then I’ve actually gotten more because Maybelline released some new products, as well as Physicians Formula (and that post will be up soon). 
Maybelline just came out with 2 different lines of lipsticks, the Vivids line and the Color Whisper line. The Color Whisper line is similar to the Revlon Lip Butters. I didn’t buy any of them because they’re all really soft shades and I figured I didn’t need any at the moment.
The Vivids line, which I bought two colors from is a more intense, opaque and bright line of lipsticks. I think the line has either 8 or 10 colors ranging from reds, oranges, corals, pinks and a purple.
Of the colors available, I purchased 2, Wild Rose and Shocking Coral.
  • Wild Rose is a bright warm pink. It’s not as blue toned as Mac’s Girl About Town, but not as orange as Mac’s Impassioned. Color-wise it’s pretty much in between those two colors. 
  • Shocking Coral is a bright orange toned coral pink. It’s more orange toned than Mac’s Impassioned. I don’t have anything else that’s close to this color, mostly because I don’t really wear corals.
The formula of these lipsticks is very bright and opaque. They don’t dry matte, but dry to a natural finish with a slight sheen to them. You can wear them with one coat on your lips and still have your natural lip color come through but they build very quickly so you don’t need to layer it a hundred times.
Over a lip liner, I had Wild Rose on all day and only noticed a little bit of wear around the edges. I didn’t test with eating, because I mostly snacked and drank water because I was at work. It was comfortable and not drying at all and I was pretty pleased with it by the end of the day.
These are available at all drugstores now and retail for between $7 and $8.
Shocking Coral / Wild Rose

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