Ahhhhh I’m sorry this is up so late 😦 I turned into a massive internet slacker this past two weeks and for some reason just didn’t end up blogging or making videos. I apologize :/
I’ll get back on the wagon by showing you the newest additions to my creme shadow collection, more specifically my Chanel collection. 
Chanel’s Illusion D’Ombre Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadows are my favorite formula of creme shadows. They’re slightly spongier, and bouncier, but also give off the most amazing shimmery sheen. They’re way expensive at $36 each, and they’re a complete guilty pleasure of mine so I treated myself to three of them during the holidays.
Two of them are holiday colors from 2012 but one of them is a permanent color. More photos and swatches are after the jump!

Each shadow comes packaged in sleek glass pots with glossy black caps and the iconic Chanel logo on the top. It’s basically the same as every other creme shadow pot’s packaging, aside from the lid. They’re pretty “bump proof” even though they’re glass pots.
There’s also a little brush that comes with each shadow, but I never use them since they’re so tiny, and very flat. They’re super flat angled synthetic brushes. They work only okay with these products, but I mostly use those brushes for gel liner.
89 Vision
Vision is a warm gold shimmer. Compared to Apparence, which is the other gold I bought, this is much more of a warm gold and has more chunk to the shimmer. It’s not super chunky glitter, more like a fine fleck like shimmer. 
When layered up it gives a beautiful foiled like gold finish, but when blended out you get a really delicate golden shimmer to the lid. 
When Maybelline released their new line of Color Tattoos, the Metal collection, there was a gold so I was curious to see how they compare.
Below, is Vision, Maybelline’s Gold Rush and then Apparence. 
As you can see the texture of the Maybelline is completely different, as well as the color. There is a slight fleck like shimmer in the Maybelline, but the majority of the finish of the Maybelline isn’t from shimmer but from a metallic cream base.
Gold Rush is also much more of a yellow gold compared to Vision. I didn’t even bother to compare Gold Rush to Apparence because the colors were so different.
Gold Rush (strong swatch), Vision (strong swatch), Vision (blended out) / Gold Rush (blended out), Gold Rush (strong swatch), Vision (strong swatch), Vision (blended out)

817 Apparence
Apparence is a cooler more pewter like gold with little to no fleck like shimmer. It’s just a soft cream shimmer base. 
This one is more of a color that I’d use blended out on my lid on its own.
It’s not quite as strong or opaque as Vision is, but when layered it still gives a good gold color on the lid.
83 Illusoire
Illusoire is the one permanent color of the Chanel shadows I’m showing you today. 
It’s a dark grayed out purple with a soft plum shimmer to it. 
I bought this because like 3 seasons ago in Gossip Girl, Blair used to always have this really soft wash of color on her lids, that was really only achievable by a cream shadow. This was the only thing I could think of that would achieve that sort of look, and it’s been on my wishlist forever.
When layered up it works great for smokey eyes but can be worn blended out for just a soft wash of color. 

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