Who remembers the mass hysteria that was caused by the first release of all those Iris Apfel lipsticks? I do. Who didn’t even think to look at them? Me. Who completely regretted not buying Party Parrot when I had the chance? Me. So, who was SUPER excited it was being repromoted with the Strength Collection? THIS GIRL. 
Like every year, Mac released a ton of collections this winter – one being Mineralize heavy, one being their actual holiday collection and then a few being full color collections out right after Christmas. I always look forward to this time of year because I think Mac does the best collections during the winter. All the mineralize products in the past years have been some of my favorites, a few years back they did a collection with a ton of paint pots, and this year they had a repromote of Party Parrot (and Stereo Rose in their Apres Chic collection).
I didn’t actually purchase anything from their holiday line this year, and held back on the Apres Chic collection because I don’t need a backup of Stereo Rose and they didn’t come out with anything else in the collection that I wanted. In fact, I actually only purchased 3 things from Mac this winter, which is shocking een for me.
From the Strength Collection I purchased Party Parrot and Absolute Power lipsticks, as well as Embrace Me Lip Liner to pair with Party Parrot. Pink Pigeon was also repromoted with Strength but I figured I don’t actually wear neon pink all that much and that I have Candy Yum Yum. 
I then also Back-To-Mac’d for 2 lipsticks from their permanent range, so I have those to show you as well 🙂
Embrace Me Lip Pencil
Embrace Me is a bright fuchsia. I needed something to pair with all my pink lipsticks, and picked this one up since it’s a little darker so I can pair it with something like Moxie, but also very bright so I can use it with Party Parrot. 
Mac’s Lip Pencil formula is a little on the hard side, but, at least this one, swatched pretty strongly. Some of the softer lip pencils seem not to swatch very opaquely when they’re softer, like Mac’s other (twist up) liner. 
Party Parrot / Absolute Power / Syrup / See Sheer
Party Parrot (Matte)
Party Parrot is a bright reddish pink lipstick. It’s a matte finish but very opaque and not drying on the lips so it is really comfortable to wear.
Mac’s Impassioned is almost the same color, just slightly pinker, and has a different finish so doesn’t dry matte. 
I’ve already worn this out a few times and a lot of people have complimented me on it. I do recommend Impassioned if you’re looking for a lipstick like Party Parrot. Also, Maybelline just released a line of Vivids, and I picked two up hoping they’ll be close to this, so when I test them out, I’ll let you know.
Absolute Power (Matte)
Absolute Power, in the tube, is a deep, dark burgundy. When you swatch it, it’s not so dark but a very rich cooler toned dark red. Definitely right up my alley. I love dark reds, especially in the winter!
I haven’t worn this out yet, but when swatched it glided on smoothly.
Syrup (Lustre, permanent)
Syrup is a color that I’ve wanted for a while. Months ago, or possibly a year?, Hilary Duff tweeted a picture of herself wearing this with a neutral face, as well as a smokey eye, and the lipstick was so versatile and worked beautifully with both faces. 
It’s a slightly mauve toned neutral pink color.
The Lustre finish is one of my favorite finishes by Mac because it gives a good amount of color, has a nice and naturally glossy finish and is comfortable to wear all day. These lighter shades in the Lustre line are easy On-The-Go colors that you can kind of just slap on, even if you have no other makeup on, and it’ll help you look just a little more put together.
See Sheer (Lustre, permanent)
See Sheer is a coral toned lipstick. It’s got slightly more orangey undertones, which is not something that I usually reach for but since it’s a more sheer finish, I felt comfortable purchasing it. I don’t have very many coral lipsticks, and if I do, they’re normally more pink toned than being an actual coral. I’m excited to wear this in the springtime though 🙂
Embrace Me Lip Pencil / Party Parrot / Absolute Power / Syrup / See Sheer
Here are all the colors swatched together (with flash) so you can see how they compare to each other!

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