YSL lip products are one of my top makeup lemmings, especially their Glossy Stains. So when I found out L’Oreal made dupes of them, I ran out and went searching as fast as I could. I found these shortly after the CoverGirl Jumbo Lip Balm Stains that I just posted about at Rite Aid. They currently are on sale for $9.99 but I’m sure the price will go down soon, and the various drugstores will have a sale sooner rather than later. If you’re having trouble finding them, Target has them listed online.
I think there are about 12 colors in the line. I bought the 4 colors that I would probably wear the most. 
  • 190 – Endless Red: tomato red at first swatch but dries down to a deep rich red.
  • 187 – Infinite Fuchsia: bright fuchsia at first swatch but dries down to a deep, wine purple color.
  • 188 – Coral Tattoo: bright orange at first swatch but dries down to a reddish orange.
  • 183 – Pink Resistance: soft pale pink with gold shimmer at first swatch but dries down to a deep pinky red color.
Personally, it’s strange and interesting that when they first swatch they are SUCH a different color than when they fully dry down and set. I don’t know if the YSL Glossy Stains do this, so I can’t address that in terms of comparison, but if you want the bright colors you see in the tube, you may want to think twice about purchasing and wearing them, and may want to play with the YSL first. 
Also, the swatch photo swatches are different than what they look on the lips. The descriptions above reflect more what they looked like on my LIPS versus in the swatch photos below.

Packaging wise, they come in glossy gold elongated tubes. The top (or base, if you look at it in the display) twists off to reveal an oval shaped doe foot applicator with a hole in the middle. Apparently it’s to deliver more product from the tube to the lips. Honestly, it makes it harder to use. I feel like the hole in the middle brings a lot of product if you try really hard but the outer donut of sponge wipes it away. If you don’t try really hard, the middle gets no product so you get stripes of color, which you can see in the swatch photos. Either way, you get a slightly uneven application.
In terms of actual use, I applied them the way you’re supposed to use the YSL Glossy Stains, which is to apply 3 coats, and waiting between each coat to have the product fully dry on your lips. The first coat stains, the second coat adds richness of color and the third adds the final super glossy look.
If you apply these that way, you really do want to wait until they completely set before you move your lips around or do anything or else they will start to bunch up and look unsightly. 
I had Coral Tattoo on my lips and tested it through eating and work (where I do a lot of phone answering and talking) and after about 4 hours I could notice some wear around the edges and after 8 hours there was wear but also a lot of the product stayed intact. I did notice that the product started to settle in the lines on my lips. I don’t have the most naturally smooth lip surface like some people do, so some products tend to settle. It may have just been that I needed to wait a little longer between coats. 
Eventually I know I’ll buy a YSL Glossy Stain, but until then, I do quite like these and plan on picking up a few more colors. They are a great place to start if you want to try out this type of product and I do recommend them since they are 1/3 the cost of the YSL products.
Endless Red / Infinite Fuchsia
Coral Tattoo / Pink Resistance

1 coat of each / 2 coats of each

3 coats of each / 3 coats after 10 mins of dry time ***

3 coats after 15 mins of dry time ***

*** The colors do swatch and look VERY different when actually applied to lips.

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