I’ve just come back into a full lip product kick again, so I’ll start off by showing some random lip products I’ve picked up recently. I also have some of the new L’Oreal lip stains (the YSL dupes) and some of the new Cover Girl jumbo lip pencils, which will hopefully be posted soon. The new Mac collections just came out as well, so I have some of those products to show you. Lots of things! Yay!
Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain – 025 Sweetheart
This is Revlon’s version of the jumbo lip pencil. Unlike the Tarte and Clinique versions, the Revlon (who I believe were the first to come out with this product in the Drugstore) version is a stain, and dries almost matte. The Tarte and Clinique versions are more like sheer and moisturizing lip colors.
These are mint scented and apply with a slight sheen. Sweetheart is a bright candy pink color that builds pretty well. After a few minutes it does dry down to be not as “glossy”. 
It feels pretty comfortable on the lips, and definitely does leave a stain on my lips.
I’ve found that these now retail for about $7 at drugstores and can be easily found.
Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick – 050 Top Tomato
I had NO IDEA that Revlon (or really any drugstore brand) made liquid lipstick like products until MissGlamorazzi showed this in one of her favorites videos. 
These were super easy to find, so I’m assuming they’ve been out in stores for a long time. 
Top Tomato is a red with a slight shimmer in it. The formula is very much unlike other liquid lipsticks I’ve tried. This is definitely a much more slick formula and doesn’t feel thick at all. There’s no sort of tackiness or stickiness that you’d feel in other liquid lipsticks or lip lacquers. 
This applied pretty opaque so I’d say 2 passings of this over your lips would be sufficient enough for full color coverage.
These were also about $7 and I have seen them at all drugstore locations.
Cover Girl Lip Perfection Lip Liner – 215 Passion
I don’t actually own very many lip liners, so I figured why not just pick a random brand and try what they have?
Recently, two Cover Girl lip products (the second one being the next product in this post) have been getting a lot of attention on YouTube because apparently they’re Taylor Swift’s favorite from the Cover Girl line. This lip liner is one of those products.
Passion is a slightly coral-y red toned lip liner. The formula of the lip liner is fairly soft and very opaque. It didn’t pull at all on my lips while I applied or swatched it so it was pretty easy to use. In comparison, a random Revlon lip liner (also red) that’s a twist up, was on much softer and Mac’s non-twist up are slightly harder. 
I so far have liked using this lip liner and it pairs really well with the lipstick I bought with it. 
These are about $6-8 and can be found at all drugstores.
Cover Girl Lipstick – 305 Hot
First of all, let me just say, for the longest time I thought this was called Hot Passion, then I realized Cover Girl always has both the English and French name for all their color products, so really it’s just called Hot. And I only realized this when I was looking this up on Ulta and could only find “Hot” and not “Hot Passion”.
This is the lipstick that apparently Taylor Swift really likes from the Cover Girl line.
Hot is a slightly coral toned red lipstick. It’s super opaque and creamy and comfortable to wear on the lips. This line of lipsticks is really nice and one of my favorite lipstick formulas from both the drugstore and higher end brands.
As you can see in the swatch below, it pairs really nicely with the lip liner, as they’re almost the exact same color. 
Together, this lip combo lasted on me for about 6 hours before any bleeding or fading (this included taking sips of water and snacking lightly).
The Cover Girl lipsticks are about $7 to $8 and can be purchased at all drugstores. 
And just as a comparison, here are all the lip products together so you can see how they compare:

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